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【CoolMathgames.com】Increasing my INT ✨ ☆⭒NIJISANJI EN ✧ Millie Parfait ☆⭒

Millie Parfait【NIJISANJI EN】
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The Great Witch of Calamity has arrived!
I’m NIJISANJI EN’s/Ethyria’s adorable Millie Parfait!
I’m a witch whose sole purpose is to consume all the food on earth and live a comfortable life while having fun!
Let’s be friends!

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☀ Please do not bring up other Livers in chat unless I bring them up first
☀ Additionally, please do not bring ME up in other Liver’s chats as well
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☀ Let’s have fun together!

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  1. I'm one year late! But better late than never. I enjoyed watching this while doing my other chores.personal timestamps.7:20 Push your luck (spin the wheel)
    14:16 Math Clash
    38:50 Johnny Upgrade
    45:25 2048
    1:05:15 Penalty Kick Online
    1:11:50 Tauriel Teaches Typing (I really like this segment and Millie's commentary is LOL)
    2:45:36 Superchat Reading and Zatsudan

  2. thanks for the stream ^^,was fun as always but gotta admit i wasn't expecting a horror game this stream but was a interesting surprise lol

  3. Thank you for the stream! That was a lot of fun! Lost too many brain cells. Now I have to study to regain them back 😂

  4. That was a fun stream. Hope you'll have fun in your Nihongo class despite being late.

  5. Otsumillie~ good luck on studying your JP, don’t focus too much on trying to find a study method, just pick one and stick with it, you’ll eventually learn

  6. Thanks for the stream Millie, it was really fun! Wasn't expecting a game like Tauriel Teaches Typing, but it was quite interesting. The long SC reading and tangents afterwards was great as well, you earned all the support you've been getting everyone has. Good luck on your JP lessons as well!

  7. Who knew math can be fun as long as it's with Millie! The budget Undertale was a really fun playthrough! Congrats on raising(?) your INT stat Millie!

  8. Thanks for the stream! This game took a turn but at the end of the day it was meant for kids so it makes sense to have a wholesome ending. If you want another wholesome game I'd recommend Pony Island. Its got ponies, unicorns and not at all filled with demons.
    And don't worry about membership! Take your time and do things when you're comfortable with them. Personally I like the tangents and I mean, it wouldn't be a math stream without tangents right?

  9. That typing game was way deeper than it had any right to be.
    Thanks for the stream!

  10. Thanks for the interesting stream Millie 🙂 🙂 very fun to watch :3 :3

  11. Was definitely surprised at what the stream was but by God was it entertaining

  12. Cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  13. This was so much fun, thank you for the stream~!! <3
    From the brain embiggening of the (mostly) math games to the unexpected horror typing rpg Tauriel Teaches Typing to the super wholesome superchat / zatsudan.
    Looking forward to next week!
    Also congratulations on an amazing first week, you have all been wonderful and entertaining~!

  14. INT temprarily increased to -2.

    Effect lasts for 24 hours.

  15. math my least favorite subject, smooth brain, my brain horts

  16. "Am I gonna read the rules? Nah." [like 90 seconds later] "WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I DO"

  17. I thought this video was unarchived… Welp thank god I just found this video

    Anyways, it's late but thanks for stream Millie! There was so many fun games in there 🙂

  18. God I remember playing some of these games at elementary school lmao

  19. Ahahaha when she clapped for herself when doing 91 – 72, i connected on a spiritual level. Love the witch cackles and smug fueled giggles.

  20. I kept thinking about the last thing that you said in your earlier stream. Could it be..? I didn't really connect the dots until now.

    Take care of yourself, Millie.

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