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100 Drops – [Chess]

Luke TheNotable
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Welcome to 100 Drops Chess fine fellows and Chess Masters. I am Luke TheNotable. In this video you will watch me play one of the oldest games of all time Chess for 100 games. I played these games on CoolMathGames.com which is one of the hottest spots for Chess pros to battle for glory. Enjoy!

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  1. What I didn't left I disconnect

  2. Bro people r quitting because its all kids at school who are out of free time

  3. I went to states almost nationals in chess tournaments and also got fourth place in regionals and sixth place in states

  4. Did anyone notice in game 32 how the pawn did not attack LTNs queen must have been stunned from LTNs his skill 😅

  5. After this 100 I bet I'll smack you in chess

  6. Sorry like for saying this too late, but a stalemate happens when a king can’t move at all, BUT you have not checked him to force him out of a position

  7. The main 3 things of chess: 1 protect your king 2 get your power peices ( bishop knight and rook ) out 3 control the middle ( also minor one like he said, rooks are mid to late game )

  8. bro the chess tag on this video says 2005 LOL

  9. Used cool math games because everyone sucks on it

  10. Can we play chess together one time? @Luke TheNotable

  11. On game 16 time 3:44 I'm sorry to says this Luke but yeah it was a stale mate the person's king wasn't check and can't move to any available spot wich sadly makes it a stale mate ;-;

  12. 7:42 was a terrible play by both but Luke took a dub cause for some reason he didn’t take the queen with his pawn

  13. How is this guy good at every game he plays

  14. 7:42 the enemy could have taken your queen there lol
    it would have been a pro gamer move
    but it was not

  15. If you'd like to see more Chess from me make sure to hit that like button and comment that you want more! I love Chess and would love to make more Chess content!

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