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20xx_@3!1#3@2#2!1#3_v4.zip Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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We try to find someone in the dark, look for friends and talk to a monster. In the game you have to guess words and collect balls. In the game, as far as I understand, there are three endings. A monster just eats you. You fly several by yourself and fly with a monster. Maybe there is a fourth where you can find someone in the forest, but I don’t know about it.


  1. Wait, I recognize who is trapped in the game

  2. the game is gone now, which makes all this even weirder

  3. On some computers and phones it does not work sadly

  4. they removed the game they are hiding something

  5. does anyone have the dates from the hints you get when you miss 2 letters? It may be important now

  6. So after I collect all glitch balloons and go left at the split, my screen goes black, is that on of the endings or am I missing something for it, because I did the same but went right and it popped up dialogue with yellow words, and I also got the hungry monster ending

  7. Is it just me or did I redo it a million times bc I forgot to click on the glitched ones

  8. There is three layers of ballons but third might be impossible

  9. Is this real or is this just a coolmath games staff event?

  10. *This is a real game From October 26-31 in the year of 2023 as a halloween guess the word game. There was a blog for it made by coolmathgames talking in the perspective of a worker that found a weird file on their desk to them finding the game we call 20xx_@3!1#3@2#2!1#3_v4.Zip throughout the blog it went form Day 1 to Day 8 And throughout the blog there were several bolded words that were awnsers for each puzzle there are 3 endings that we have found so far [The Bad Ending] [The Escape Ending] and [The Secret Ending] if we find out anything else I will update this comment to the updated search*

  11. fr I played this game at school with my friend nate and we had no idea what we were doing rn

  12. I spent FOREVER trying to get the stupid monster ending

  13. I got a glitch where for some reason it says I've found 7 balloons, and I can't proceed to the fork segment of the game 🙁

  14. Here are all the words and the step at the end in words:
    (1st Left) 1st word: search
    Secret word: sights
    (1st Right) 1st word: monster
    Secret word: descend
    (2nd Left) 2nd word: found
    Secret word: other
    (2nd Right) 2nd word: myself
    Secret word: appear
    (3rd Left) 3rd word: escape
    Secret word: become
    (3rd Right) 3rd word: darkness
    Secret word: together
    Pick 1st path.

    I don't know if this is useful or not, but I thought I would put it down as I already had it noted.

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