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360° VR SQUID GAME – Red Light Green Light

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360° VR SQUID GAME – Red Light Green Light
You are allowed to move forwared when it shouts out GREEN LIGHT.
Stop when it shouts RED LIGHT. If your movement is detected afterwards you will be eliminated.

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  1. I love squid games. ❤❤❤❤

  2. Había una mujer bailando atrás y no la mataron xD mal echo el vídeo la verdad

  3. Готоггш888щ8ггггш9зз9шгорг

  4. Skid pump girlfriend nooooooooooooooooooo whyyyyyyyy

  5. Прости но плохая графика и не возможно смотреть на планшете

  6. Y hirió en lento y tory forjó yo ti rigor torito

  7. Doll:"Don't move!"
    The hand:🤌🤟🤞🤚🤙🤘🖖🖕🖐️🙌👐👏👎👆👍👌✌️👋👊✋✊☝️👉👈👇🤛🤜

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