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Abandoned Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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Part 2 (Cool Math Vesrions) is here:
You find yourself in a strange place where people once lived. Now it is abandoned and there is no one there. Earlier in the same place was your brother, who then disappeared. You can try to find him following him through the doors that lead to other worlds. The game has puzzles, but they are not complicated. You usually need to find something and use it in the right place. In this part of the game, we go through only one world and find the key to another world. Game taken from cool math games.


  1. Don't be fooled by the graphics, it is very unintuitive

  2. Imma show this too my friends— they gonna be like- “ bro has never been big brain before💀”

  3. This is the worst game like everything is good but i just…can't press the code and i'm sure my phone is not laking

  4. im so confused how do you open the side vent after you turn the vault thing with the gear

  5. me and my friends we’re literally struggling so bad on the last lightbulb and my friend thinks that the colorful cube is for the lightbulb so she told my friend and i the color, then i thought it was just a scam so i got outthen saw the light bulb i swear bro this game is so good this is why cool math games is epic🎉

  6. Dogbreadfoodmanbedcandyfruitgirlsoup says:

    I know I'm not the only one but the music is the only thing that makes me fill uncomfortable like a jump scare might happen in this game who else can relate

  7. I am playing and watching at the same time well almost

  8. when’s the time stamp for the lightbulbs? i have the cube one, the tunnel room one, and the miners cabin one

  9. Ok so I know that nobody is gonna see this but how do you know what to do to open the little grey box? It seems random that you have to click the box and then the switch and repeat that

  10. Cool math games has no math and my teachers think it does

  11. คาใจอยู่นาน ขอบคุณครับ

  12. How do you do the button part the light for the first button never comes on for me

  13. Making my way downtown, with Julio we're going to go to the BUULIOOO. Music by Flamingo (Subscribe to Flamingo idiot).

  14. The music tracks sounds like a horror movie

  15. you just copy the cube front to back, what i need help on is getting the first vent on the way down open i just dont understand how he got it…

  16. It looks like rip-off from The Submachine :/ :/ :/

  17. I was looking for that stupid 'y' glyph…
    How was I supposed to know that I could SEARCH that light?!

  18. This took me a while but I managed to do it

  19. Мне одному кажется, что там нужно собрать слово "хули"?)

    1. alright first when you walk in, the color you put is LIGHTBLUE. Then to the right of lightblue its GREEN. Then above lightblue the color is DARK PURPLE. Then above green and to the right of dark purple the color is RED.

    2. Second part, Inside lightblue the color is PINK. To the right of pink its YELLOW. Above pink the color is PURPLE, and lastly to the right of purple its ORANGE.

  21. how the hell did you get the side vent thingy to open

  22. I just couldn’t get that shakey cube thing done because the lever just goes back up

  23. All I needed was the end part that shift stumped me fr thx:)

  24. I'll be honest, It was the final door handle that got me stumped

  25. Even if I found all four hidden symbols I can’t open the door at 26:50

  26. Why tf mi cube is missing the internal colors?! This guy enters the room and it's all colored but mine is half white??

  27. For the colored room you copy the colors on the cube in the area right before the room its self

  28. Baka brother, could of waited for me so we could explore together. Game was awesome, thanks for the walkthrough

  29. Thank you I have beat the game it was hard

  30. So is there ever gonna be more to this game?

  31. is this the next silent hill everyone's talking about

  32. 26:59 as a half-chinese person myself, NO THEY ARE NOT CHINESE CHARACTERS 👁👄👁

  33. I swear this is the best cool math game ever-

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