Addition Flash Cards Game for 3rd Grade | Test 2 -

Addition Flash Cards Game for 3rd Grade | Test 2

321 You Win!
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Enjoy all the fun addition flash cards game for free!

How to play :
3. Pay attention to the addition question flash card
2. Think & choose the answer cards
1. Answer before the kid comes back
and You Win!

Class : Mathematics
Theme : Math Flash Cards
Lesson : addition
Educational game : addition Flash Cards Game
Level : 3rd grade math
Player : Mathematician
Part : 2
Purpose : Learn addition & learn math easily
Motto : Math is fun

Math Curriculum for elementary student :
1. addition games
2. subtraction games
3. fraction games
4. multiplication games
5. division games
6. ratio and percentage
7. statistics & probability
8. number patterns
9. number sentences
10. number introduction up to 10000000

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