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[ASMR] Cool Math Games!

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A long relaxing ASMR gaming video full of puzzle, logic and strategy games as we take a trip down memory lane with some Cool Math Games!

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0:00 Intro
4:14 Cool Math Games
5:05 Parking Mania
20:20 2048
35:19 Bloxorz
50:30 Run 3
1:05:30 Outro

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  1. Bloxorz was my arch nemesis in typing class in 7th grade

  2. Would you mind doing a fnaf game but playing it quietly it would be great

  3. Fun tip on the parking mania one, during the first level get to driving in a circle and just hold forward and turn the wheel in the direction you’re going and watch your car infinitely speed up until it breaks the game

  4. This is so cozy and relaxing, so glad I found your channel😴💕

  5. I got this game blacklisted for my school and I’m in 10th grade

  6. I remember going to my computers class and always playing Awesome Tanks and Learn To Fly 3.

  7. POV its eglish clas but yo plej col maht gems

  8. Bruh 3rd grade 1pm 30 minutes. Now I'm dividing fractions and multiplying that division problem answer by the decimal of the original fraction.

  9. Who else told like they 3rd grade teacher math games was like actual like math that you would do in math class

  10. i has hoping you would call it cools maths games or something

  11. Who agrees with me that tun is the best cool math game?

  12. I played cool math in third grade

  13. I know I'm late to this video but your choice of content is legitimately perfect for most ages, they're so… 'this generation'..? 😄

    Seriously, thank you for doing what you do, you're ace at it.

  14. In fifth grade, my table group would all play run 3 after our work was done. We would just chat and playfully trash-talk each other. Man, I miss those days 💕

  15. Day 1 million trying to asked to do ASMR to do Sims ASMR

  16. Fytytvfjyvtfytvftyjytfjtyjyvtfjytfvytvjvftjyfvyhvtvfyjtytjytjyjtvfthyvyth😛😛😛😛😛😛🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂jrytj

  17. Oh man I spent so much of my spare time playing Bloxorz, loved that game

  18. “It’s math games” “that’s why it’s called cool MATH games” ahhh the memories of telling them u we’re doing math

  19. If you do another cool maths games video you should play tauriel teaches typeing, it can stress you out but it has great keyboard sounds potential

  20. Day 1 of asking Dido to play primary games

  21. POV: all of the middle school kids are here and hoping he does not best your high score lol

  22. i remember when i was younger i used to love coolmath games so you can imagine how i felt when i moved schools to find out my new school had it blocked

  23. my favourite asmrtist is playing my favourite games from my childhood!

  24. Run three is nastolgia and I don’t think I relies how many level their are there like 200 or so

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