Big Flappy Tower VS Tiny Square Official Walkthrough Web Version -

Big Flappy Tower VS Tiny Square Official Walkthrough Web Version

Evil Objective
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Complete walkthrough of Big FLAPPY Tower with developer commentary. Come chat about all the Big Tower Tiny Square games in our Discord:

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  1. Yooo let's go 👍 keep up the good work I love playing the Big tower series

  2. dang bro, that was mighty quick, didn't you release BNTTS like a month ago? I'm impressed. anyway, I can't wait to play it, these types of games are pretty much my bread and butter.

  3. Why is it that the pineapple clones can respond but the actual pineapple can't

  4. I love your games so much and I am planning on making a graphic novel on it. I like making books on games and at school and that is the only game I choose to play. Congrats on the fourth installment. Also I think that father squaremas is helping cline the pineapples.

  5. Im super excited to play this one! My sister introduced it to me so I'm thankful for that and now my sister and I have been waiting for it to release and tomorrow we are gonna race to see who can finish it first!

  6. literally saved my life i was so bored after completing big neon tower tiny square😭😭😭

  7. For some reason I get started half way up the tower and it’s my first time playing it.

  8. Does that mean that there will be a fifth installment possibly? Big Square did say so


  10. I have three ideas for finales if you will make another. The first is Big Time Tower vs Tiny Square. Tiny square goes back in time through the first towers mixed up and more further back. Next is Giant or Huge tower tiny square where Big Square evolves into a huge square. The final idea is Big Space Tower vs tiny square. Tiny Square is in the sky right? What about further. Pineapple and Big square could be by an airlock.

  11. I beat all the other towers this one is hard super hard.

  12. i got really attached to this series months ago, and i have so many scraps of fan art for these literal squares as a result of that (pineapple too, of course <3). keep it up!! :]

  13. My progress was reset twice since I started the game

  14. these games are awesome and i play them at school sometimes lol, gonna play this one rn

  15. I beat it today
    A few comments
    I liked the new mechanic, but I feel like it shouldn’t be included in the next game, or have some sections be like it?
    There went that many things to master this time.
    The checkpoint placements were… interesting
    The difficulty was uhh

    New mechanic is cool
    Cool math game reference in that one floor was cool
    Like the design of the tower
    I love the design of the new game
    Tower is like, massive, usually I’m able to beat this in a school day, but I had to go a little late just to finish this one, and that was just trudging through the boring parts of going down the easy sections of the tower :/
    Big square is still not dead, and there might be an infinite number of clones on this, WE NEED ANOTHER GAME pls

    Will there be another game?
    How did you get this one out so fast, when neon took more than a year, we’re you working on this game and that game at the same time?
    How are you so good at designing levels?
    Few edits more
    More pros
    I like the momentum bit in the end there
    Controls are tight as usual

  16. Just finished it and it was great! Definitely had a lot of fun playing this one!

  17. So I got to the top and some how my Chromebook logged me out so I have to restart lol. But I have done this so much that I. Used to it. This time though everything that anyone said was zero even big square. Also I didn't realize that big square said that tiny square might be able to go back in time. I also look at the other comments and more of these awesome could be coming. Awesome. I can't wait to finish this one.

  18. i really enjoy how this game is much more zoomed in, when compared to the other tiny square games.

  19. love the game my record finish is 30mins i play it on my school Chromebook all day in school

  20. These games are saving me from school boredom

  21. This is the first one I beat the first game is so difficult and I really like the triple jumps you can do in this one

  22. Love your games man, played through BTTS twice

  23. loved it! what will the next tower be about (if there is one) and if you dont want to tell us will you give us a hint like a riddle or something!?

  24. Could you do a making of or tutorial on how to make your own game like this? Thanks!

  25. Please make another one. I've finished the neon and flappy one and I'm bored


    ah, this is why i love this series

  27. I have played every one. Hopefully a 5th installement is on its way! 😀

  28. Loved this one! There were definitely some rage-enducing sections which actually took me a long time to beat. I love games that are not easy all the way through and actually provide a challenge in some sections. Well done

  29. Am I allowed to ask what the theme for the next game, or at least a hint?

  30. i have a idea for the next big tower game its kinda like fireboy and watergirl there are 2 cubes and both cubes have to work together and theres certain jumps that you need both cubes for thats all i got

  31. Just finished this game! Literally took me so long! It got pretty tough but it was always super fun!! I love the little squares so much their little dialogue and references to each other is hilarious

  32. Damn how many times is Tiny Square not gonna get revenge!?

  33. Honestly create an enjoyable game not one that takes forever and is hard as shit
    I’m surprised cool maths hasn’t taken it down yet

  34. was any part of this game inspired by flappybird? i was reminded of it when playing

  35. This game sucks out of a zero out of 10 -3,000,000

  36. GUYS I HAVE I THEORY FOR THE NEXT TOWER! Big square is going to go back in time to get the original pineapple and he is going to have a genius working with him (possibly father squaremas). This is made evident with the foreshadowing from the little squares, and i quote, "Big Square never struck me as the intellectual type. How did he figure out cloning?"(18:06). And then the same square on the way down says, "Big Square must have gotten help with the cloning from someone special" (27:25). i literally love these games and it's a problem, i've finished this one like 5 times. Thank you Evil Objective!

  37. This was so fun can't wait for the next one, I lowkey binge played all four of the games.

  38. Literally just finished the game 5 minutes ago and had been binging the previous games for the past week. Love these games so much. I have some ideas for future games, such as a build your own tower. I think a cool storyline after tiny square exacts revenge that big square has to try to climb to the top of a tower that tiny square has made.

  39. I kinda miss the music in BTTS original

    Also I’d like to see Big lava tower tiny square.

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