Bill Gates Vs Human Calculator -

Bill Gates Vs Human Calculator

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Bill Gates Vs Human Calculator


  1. Without music, melodies, and songs, may God reward you with goodness and may God bless you. It is not permissible, and God knows best. It is not permissible for women to be exposed in this way. These sins are against you. May God have mercy on us and you. It is better not to publish them or to deceive women.

  2. Michelle: good at doing functions on the fly
    Bill: practices the same tried and true technique to build and maintain wealth

  3. She: calculates
    Bill: yup
    Title: Vs.

  4. I’m no rocket scientist but bill gates smashed

  5. Girl: your D is gold
    Bill: your right
    Girl: its soft

  6. Him:"You're right"
    Like he knew😂😂😂😂😂

  7. This is called beauty with talent ❤❤❤

  8. You know Manuel Akanji Match knowledge 🧠🥵

  9. Her parents acting like he new wen he did not leave a like if I'm right👇

  10. Don't forget Bill took Harvard math 55 class

  11. The man: What is 82739182892×739273927?
    The girl: 6282682739266
    Bill: You are right
    Let your work be done by others 'Billionaire mindset'😂

  12. Human calculator: its 69

    Bill gates: she is right

  13. I dont visit Epsteins Island, but when i do, i visit 22 times!

  14. Bill Gates is an example of "Work smart, not hard".

  15. She can do *arithmetic*, Gates is 100% smarter.

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