Black and White CoolMathGames (Solo) -

Black and White CoolMathGames (Solo)

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I will be beating all 24 levels of black and white on CoolMathGames by myself.


  1. By the way everyone I might make a new channel for actual good videos.

  2. I can’t pass level 12 and I’m doing exactly what you did

  3. how do i change the colour of the blockkkk? on level 24

  4. the last level is super frustarating i ragequit after trying for 30 minutes

  5. Me: Trying to pass level 18
    Double Jump: Oh, you expected me to work? Ha!
    Also me: but-

  6. i keep doing what your doing in level 22 but i keep dying ;c

  7. I freaking can't beat 19 what the heck

  8. My favorite part was when there was bloob sounds

  9. I am flabbergasted by black and white coolmathgames solo

  10. I am intrinsically motivated over black and white coolmathgames solo

  11. It is with the most magnanimous splendor to state that the increase of my ambit for splendiferous content has allowed me to discover such commodity.

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