Bloxorz speedruns are extremely satisfying -

Bloxorz speedruns are extremely satisfying

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Bloxorz is one of my favorite games that I used to play on Cool Math Games. When I was a kid, I never beat it a single time. But now, it’s time to speedrun. Welcome to one of the most satisfying speedruns I’ve ever completed.

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Watch the 33 level world record speedrun here:

My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!

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  1. Yes that's right it goes into the square hole.

  2. Yeah it would be satisfying if i didn't have some nerd talking in my ear the whole time

  3. I remember playing this in 09 and sucking ass at it

  4. What's the story behind this game? The lore? A young rectangle looking for his family?

  5. We’ve all played this game on coolmathgames in second grade in your computer lab at your elementary school.

  6. This game used to creep me out when i was a kid and i really cant tell why

  7. Is this the same guy that does the weird science stuff

  8. rubik's cube platformer
    i remember this one on coolmathgames

  9. I messed with the little purple guy on the string

  10. I like to watch these videos with zero volume

  11. Is it me or this feels like a fever dream.

    Btw you fulfilled all of our children thoughts of what happens in the game. Cause 90% of us didn’t go through level 10 (max).

  12. It's okay to take a breath sometimes between sentences

  13. i used to play this on my small Sony Ericsson phone back in 2008

  14. this game sure pissed me off in middle school

  15. I played a lot of puzzle games as a kid. I believe its helped me a ton with my warehouse job lol

  16. coolmathsgames a pinball app (that were always on my schools computers) and kidpix were the best during computer class in 3rd grade

  17. my homie in 4th grade was insane at this and the impossible quiz bro could speed run that one in like 4 minutes

  18. Would be a lot more satisfying if this guy wasn't yammering about the whole time.

  19. its 2 am and im watching rectangles fall in holes

  20. Best way to speedrun a game like this is to figure out the sequence the least amount of moves required to complete every level, write it down and then execute the commands blindly. Then it is a speedtyping simulator. Not that fun thoough.

  21. Couldn't you have pressed up at stage 15 and not split the rectangle at all

  22. I thought this was just a collmathgame 😥

  23. i remember playing bloxorz and other games through a website years ago. this brings back so many memories, i never had the patience to make it past the 8th level 😆

  24. I'm guessing it's against the rules to write down a guided list of every button bress you have to make in each level to follow? Because that seems easier and faster than trying to remember how to solve the puzzle

  25. "I need to make sure everything's going to be in the right spot because it's going to be so tight"

  26. Bro try to speedrun hello neighbor diaries, it's just for mobile, so you got a challenge

  27. is your name Ben<i did not know that> 😮

  28. Fun fact, but not so fun: this kinda shit takes practice, but he takes this all out in once, so hes using used speedruns, claiming his own, btw i checked his steam, its literally called him, he doesnt have the games he has😂

  29. Yeah, no matter how many times I tried to play this game, I never got passed stage 5 I think. I was probably not a smart kid, nor am I a smart adult now 😅.

  30. Bro took "if theres a hole, theres a goal" to another level over and over again until the end of the game which took him 16 minutes

  31. Would be a cheat if u make ( somehow) a song that u can play only with W S D A? And after lot of practice, you can do all of this blind folded just by playing a song, I guess you would need another app to listen to that song. Would that be allowed?

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