CallMeCarson VODS: Cool Math Games -

CallMeCarson VODS: Cool Math Games

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Streamed on July 31, 2020
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Cool Math Games


  1. I fell asleep to this and carsons loud ass chewing and wet mouth noises woke me up 😤😭

  2. he's trying too hard to be funny. cmon now cool math and bad mic isnt funny….

  3. this was an hour and a half bruh meme compilation except it's one long bruh

  4. me going back to school when mom doesn't believe I have a heart attack on my lungs 1:22:46

  5. Can't believe he didn't play any of the Papa Louie's games

  6. I've been waiting for this for the longest time just for Carson reacting to his self lmao.

  7. 9:00 for later for me and anyone else who is looming for this clip

  8. anyone else sit through the beginning so it feels like a live stream? just me?

  9. Intro: *professional with hype music
    Actual stream: I got nuts. I got macadamia nuts 6:03

  10. Is he dead cause he hasn't posted in a month

  11. I am in a perpetual hell from that beginning bit, just thinking about the possibilities if he kept it going. I wonder if he does that all the time when he's alone

  12. this is awesome but it sucks at the same time

  13. I wanna know what viewer sat there and played chess with this man because that is the best thing ever

  14. carson eating nuts is my first amsr experiance

  15. This is the best vod and it's only got like 35K views

  16. this fucker really did talk to himself

  17. The amount of people that didn't understand it was a joke is surprising

  18. When he ended it at 15:01 It was like you didn't know what you had til it's gone
    I felt embarrassed like I was telling a grown-up I didn't like something and then they made me feel bad about it subconsciously.

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