Can You DoThis?🤔| Everyday Maths | CBSE Class 7 #shorts #ytshorts #challenge #riddles -

Can You DoThis?🤔| Everyday Maths | CBSE Class 7 #shorts #ytshorts #challenge #riddles

CBSE Class 7
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Can You DoThis?🤔| Everyday Maths | CBSE Class 7 #shorts #ytshorts #challenge #riddles

Iska answer jaldi se comments section mein btaiye…

Hello Kids!
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  1. 27
    BTW this is my favourite song ringtone 💃🤩

  2. Mam lassen likhdo mana ashish chanchalani sa Sikhs ha Iska answer ha lawda lassan

  3. The answer is 729 is the correct answer 👌

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