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Chrome Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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In Chrome the slime can take the color of the found ball with paint. After the straw changes the condition, it can interact on the subject of the same color: keys and switches. The colors are mixed, because to get black, for example, you need to mix red, green and blue. When all the keys are collected, you can enter the door. Game taken from the site cool math games.


  1. Level 25 goes in this order…. Yellow,Blue,Green switch, Red , Black key, White, Red,Red switch, Yellow, Orange switches, White, White key, Blue, Blue key, Yellow, Green key, Then level complete..

  2. level 20 goes in this order… Red, Red switch, Blue, Purple switch, Yellow, Black key, White, White key, Yellow, Yellow Switch, Blue, Green switch, Then level complete!!!!

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