Cool Math Games Literally Made Me Cry -

Cool Math Games Literally Made Me Cry

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this… this is the scariest experience of my life.
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  1. ethan… when you were doing the calculator game… tens… TENS. 72. 10 x 7 plus 2. you kept giving yourself so much extra work. 😭

  2. its the dyscalculia i promise im the same way

  3. never knew watching someone experience entropy could be so freaking funny 😂

  4. Isn't it nice when you forget about a YouTuber for 5 months and then come back and see all the content you ever wanted them to make?

  5. eef you might just have dyscalculia. it's like dyslexia but for numerical/spatial/temporal stuff? pretty common overlap with ADHD i know i have it and i feel Represented by this video. not stupid just a brain not built for numbers <3 that being said this was hilarious 10/10 video, rip

  6. this is reminding me of that one unus annus video 😭😭😭

  7. I'm sad for Ethan that he chose to play only the math games instead of the fun ones. My personal favorite non-math game they have will forever be coffee shop <3

  8. watching ethan do math is one of my favorite things ever

  9. Ethan, my friend… what kind of self-inflicted punishment is this?! Does it make for amusing content… maybe. But it just makes my heart hurt! I loved seeing how differently your brain works… NOT WORSE JUST DIFFERENT… How unfair to yourself. This is like asking a deaf person to guess the song just from the vibrations.
    Keep making amazing content, dude. But more importantly… be KIND to yourself. 🙂 <3

  10. I literally watched the unus anus video about you doing the math test Yesterday. I feel you eef, I suck at math and feel so bad for not knowing more or doing better.

  11. I never memorized my times tables (except for 7s for some reason, I guess I paid attention in class that week), and I've always been so self conscious that I have no idea what like 8×6 is off the top of my head. And subtracting things in my head becomes impossible if it's more than like 5

  12. this website made up my entire elementary school days

  13. Ashamed to say I'm 25 and would not have done better then this. I am terrible at math. Finger counting dumbass is me. lol

  14. I have maths besides college and i was able to do 6 tasks in 90 minutes, now I sit and stare at 4 and think what it is. Mz brain is rotting.

  15. This whole video just made me want to hug Ethan and tell him it's okay not to be good at math. I can barely read or write because I'm hella dyslexic so I feel his pain but in a different way.

  16. Glad to know I'm not the only one who cried while doing math homework i feel validated lol

  17. Now I want to see Ethan play Equaline, that's gonna be a nightmare

  18. if ur playing math games on cool math games, ur doing it wrong 😂

  19. academical trauma really do be hitting different tho😩

  20. ethan you didn’t have to actually pick math games there are so many better ones

  21. i bet you have dyscalculia!! when i was in the beginning of highschool I had a math teacher ask me if I was dyslexic (I'm not) bc i was often mixing up numbers when the process in general was correct- but i was having issues with memorizing things or accidentally swapping them at some point, general small mistakes I never got over. its worth looking into!

  22. It’s ok Ethan as an autistic guy I feel this pain you did well 🙂

  23. Sorry Ethan but you gave me a small headache with the bad math 🤣

  24. Who's gonna tell him cool math games has nothing to do with math…

  25. Dude your brain must just be so cluttered 😂

  26. I haven't laughed this hard all week.🤣 Thanks eef ❤

  27. I'm pretty that Ethan has Dyscalculia, it's were the part of your brain that helps you solve math doesn't work. For example, I can't do 24 multipled by 15 in my head, I have to write it out one step at a time. I feel your struggle 🥲

  28. I like on the second game you like, just did multiplication.

    = 37
    Me- 30+7

  29. I'm not dissapointed in you for being bad at math I'm dissapointed that when you were given the same problem over and over you kept putting the same wrong answer

  30. The calculator game can you just do the answer x1 or does it not let you

  31. Watching Eef embody the "crying and shaking rn" meme is a testament to the broken education system in this country. You are not dumb!! You just learn differently!

  32. i know this is all in good fun and stuff, but, psa to whoever needs it: dyscalculia, anxiety, stress, bad teachers, and a really terrible education system could all be a valid explanation for being bad at maths. but even if none of these apply to you – just because you're bad at maths does NOT mean you're stupid or a bad person! be kind to yourself and your brain! 🙂

  33. I relate to this so hard! Maths is such a struggle, even though I know I'm not stupid, it just doesn't compute with me! Even though it's not easy, thanks for making a video that we can really empathise with!

  34. Ngl math is pretty cool. You can always count on it!

  35. you went on cool math games and you DIDN'T PLAY PAPA'S FREEZERIA

  36. you should play frog fractions. It's the best math game.

  37. Papa’s Pizzaria and Run were my games 😤

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