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Cool Math Games – Orb Music

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Sunday, 11-22-2015, 19:09.
I’ve been meaning to upload this song now for the longest time. Such a catchy tune for a fun game! You can play it here:

I did not create the song nor the game. I only upload the music for entertainment purposes and I gain nothing from it.


  1. This song still pops up in my head years after!

  2. What Song Name Is This, Though?!

  3. I so wanna play this on piano but can't find anything on how

  4. I played this so much back in elementary school😂😂😂

  5. fuck, talk about a flash from the past. this brings me back :3

  6. Have you played Shrink It on Coolmath? It too has a really catchy tune, as well as it's sequel, Shrink It Falling.

  7. So many memories of acing through assignments in the elementary school computer lab, then playing this game for the rest of class. I remember writing down all the passwords and speed running the game too lol.

  8. damn cant believe that its been 7 years since i played this

  9. Ahh the good days I remember playing this back in 08 in elementary school I used to play this on the daily just to speedrun also with yugioh at lunch and at the end of the day before we went home. Damn those were the days

  10. Someone needs to upload the other song that is used when playing Endless mode and Belts and Boxes, and Orange Orb (Spikes). I liked that one too.

  11. I remember when Cool Math Games was popular in classrooms back in the day, I played this game and thought the song was really catchy. Now that the song is on YouTube, I can enjoy it anytime!

    Edit: Thanks for the heart!

  12. Can you upload the Orb Bonus game music from cool math games please!

  13. I remember first getting pumped up when playing this game, ah yes elementary days

  14. So glad I was born in 2000. I was able to play this game in its prime. My friends and I would always compete to see who could clear the most levels before dying (we died a lot lol).

  15. Spectrum Genesis theme tho.

  16. Just love the fact that anyone here is probably about 20ish now and had the same integral part of their elementary childhood

  17. My do I love this song so much, and I always fall in love over it?

  18. I played it back in Elementary school and even with a 10% percent volume. I ought to caught one of them dancing xD

  19. This game was just some simple flash game, and yet it was blessed with a godlike soundtrack

  20. ORB Is the best of the best game ever made from cool math games

  21. I'd never play the game just listen to the music

  22. I needed this, brings back so many memories

  23. Thank u soo much for putting this on youtube. I remember when I was 8 years old in 2008, 2nd grade playing this awesome catchy game. It was hard but it was fun. 🙂

  24. Sigh the amount of times I played this as a sly 8 year old kid on the schools computer 😭 I miss this game so much I miss the original cool math so much I recently played it on a Chromebook and didn't go far as this match requires the mouse Oh the good days

  25. I'm done with class work and have free time to kill…. this is how I spent it, on coolmath!

    What a time to be in gradeschool, Was the 2000s. I'm 25 now

  26. Even in our 20s now this song brings back a flood of exciting and traumatic memories 😂

  27. Ah so this is why "Unfinished Battle" from xenoblade makes me nostalgic

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