Cool Math Games was not for the faint of heart... -

Cool Math Games was not for the faint of heart…

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watch me do these LIVE at:

today i played some cool math games and then uploaded it to youtube lol

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  1. gonna be honest, i kept watching for the minecraft sfk censors. effervescent

  2. I love this

    I used to play this a lot

  3. My uncle introduced me to Bloxorz when I was maybe 6 or 7 and it was the bane of my existence.

  4. "Done for the rest of my god damned life."

    You'll be back. Everyone always comes back…

  5. 9:24 I took german in school so here's my epic translation : Kwite has no braincells but that's ok because we also have none

  6. Our school blocked this site so all i play now every hr is cube field and slope -_-

  7. I know he jokes about it but is kwite actually gay??

  8. When will Kwite run out of minecraft sound effects to censor naughty words

  9. I feel so old and i just turned 20 last month…

  10. Bruh I beat that game like one time at school about a month or two ago lol

  11. Anyone else here cause coolmathgames was run by the Mexican drug cartel?

  12. My school has MacBooks, but is poor as shit. They blew all the money on the MacBooks.

  13. Fun fact: .tv is the domain name for the top-level domain of Tuvalu, except for websites that have, or others like that. Those are considered second level domain in Tuvalu

  14. We can tell what swear he says by the sounds lol

  15. Bruh sugar sugar and papa's games were the shit 🥵

  16. Im hanging from the edge if a cliff, thats how im hangin'

  17. I remember these games! I went to this sight in my elementary and high school years.

  18. Kwite, at my schoolb we played ABCYA. You need to chech it out

  19. In my school we have chrome books and we also had a computer lab, I don’t really remember what they would have us do but I do know we would always play random games

  20. I loved playing papas pizzeria and all the other 100000000000000 other versions of it lol

  21. Run 3. Real just looked it up and played it. Also there's way more to the game in this version.

  22. Back in like, 3rd grade or something, there was a little area of computers outside my classroom, and we’d have free time and me and all my friends would play papa’s pizzeria or whatever it’s called and we would scream at each other about complete nonsense

  23. 5:34
    Everytime Kwite says "NOOO!!!", he sounds like Moses from Joshua and the Promised Land.

  24. “Best day was when you went to the computer lab” up im old

  25. Thank you so much for playing Bloxorz

  26. Bro remember when this site wasn't blocked on school computers.

  27. I miss cool math games ): the deletion of flash was adobes worst decision ever

  28. Bloxorz really makin this man flip through all the stages of grief

  29. I wondered why run and run 2 gave me headaches lol. Watching it now I quickly found out it was the fps and rainbow colors.

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