Cool Math Games will never die -

Cool Math Games will never die

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  1. The first stream I could catch, I'd say I caught the right stream

  2. I watched one video of this man and that was H3VR and now he's invading my recommended.

  3. Because apparently your sunglasses can close like eyes…. right

  4. Cool math games is the FUCKING SHIT my guy 😩

  5. Your view to like ratio at the moment is making me So very angry

  6. Coolmath games is the school version of Newgrounds.

  7. i am sincerely sorry for making you play parking fury

  8. chicken life unlocked memories i didnt even know i had

  9. This video is at its funniest when kwite says he'll win something, and then contradicts that statement only a few seconds later

  10. As long as school exists cool math will never die

  11. I was baited with Run 2. I am the big sad


  13. I demand that these videos be longer

  14. Alternate title: Vtuber is terrible at flash games for 8 minutes straight

  15. The Minecraft noises as censorship is perfection

  16. I like the avatar? What did you/ the artist use?

  17. I play the OvO game on cool math games at school lol

  18. Dude I full on grinded on idle breakout

  19. Oh shoot kwite/kwote has been evicted from the real world, and now lives as a vtuber

  20. I. Regret. Nothing. I played on this website on my old School computers. And they would lag like hell because they had the 2008 equivalent version of the NVidia GeForce GT 210, and a processor under 1.00 GHz.

  21. Cool math games is the god of online school games

  22. There is only 1 dislike, let's expunge them from this earth

  23. My elementary school banned cool math and the lock is still there to this day, I don't know why they banned this masterpiece.

  24. There is literally only one dislike Kwite is truly perfect

  25. I M B E I N G O U T S M A R T E D B Y A P E I C E O F B A C O N

  26. makes me very disappointed on how you quit Johnny upgrade and OvO I loved those games

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