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Cool Math Games

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callmecarson season 2
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Cool Math Games



    This video is so highly underrated

  2. This has got to be my favorite Carson video, hope he’s doing well.

  3. I want a full 30 minute video of carson talking to himself sand just saying "YEEAAHHHH!! LETS GET SOME SUBS!!!!"

  4. This is the definition of a 14 year old's first gaming video.

  5. Cant believe callmecarson season 3 was cancelled early, smh

  6. I like how he has a facecam outline and he doesn't use it lmaoo

  7. This is actually the best thing I’ve ever watched.

  8. If Carson comes back like this it'll be the best thing ever

  9. Season 2 of CallMeCarson is very epic and sad. Episode where he leaves all media is so sad. I cant wait Season 3

  10. Carson treats his chat like a friend that just came over after school

  11. The Official Joe Mama Youtube Channel says:

    yo is that carson right there

  12. Season 3 left off in a cliff changer

  13. Yo that headset sounds great can anyone tell me what model of headset it is????!!?!??!????

  14. Cool math games is every 2000’s kids childhood. I miss the old website design though

  15. Fun fact: the guy he played in chess was my brother

  16. What I would give to watch this stream for the first time again.

  17. 0:51 this felt like when Jerma started clipping himself talking to the point that there was like 20 different versions of him talking at once

  18. If you don't know who carson is then this plays like some sort of weird performance art that's mocking streamers

  19. Carson talking to himself reminds me of Twice from MHA

  20. Carson has this aura of awkwardness that cannot be replicated.

  21. I’m getting a presence that I haven’t felt since…. elementary school

  22. This is by far, the best video you've ever made. Not that the other ones aren't funny though. This is just great standup, since you know.. you could walked aroundm your room.

  23. im not joking i have watch this video 3-4 times this is the best setup ever

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