Coolmath Games The Game Walkthrough -

Coolmath Games The Game Walkthrough

Puzzle Walkthrough
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You get into the cool mass games office as an intern. Actually, you have only three tasks in this game to meet everyone in the office, make everyone smile and start a new game. The last task is the most difficult, you need to find 6 parts of the game that were lost after the explosion, choose three of them and actually start the game.


  1. I hate the password part cuz it doesn’t make any sense

  2. that ending is very anticlimactic you don't even get to see the game you made

  3. Fuck your zodiac sign. Who's your favorite cool math games the game character (Mines vicky)

  4. played it today it’s fun, felt very nostalgic knowing I played cmg since elementary now I’m a senior 😕

  5. The most meta game of all time…I love it 😂😂😂

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