Does CoolMath Games still work in 2021? -

Does CoolMath Games still work in 2021?

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i speedrun cool math games (without adobe flash)
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Welcome to 2021. The first video i’ve decided to make is me attempting to speedrun Cool Math Games gameplay. This was a nostalgia overload re discovering all these classic games like Bloxorz and 8 ball pool. Adobe Flash shut down but the site is still up & running!

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  1. Cool math games was shut down in our school disrect PCs, me and my boys are still in sorrow

  2. There is a full nt game on steam

  3. You dont know? I always knew. I tried it weeks ago 🙂

  4. I remember having a supply teacher, and I told her I finished my work and if I could play some games on the chrome book, and she asked which one and I said cool math games. She really thought it was math lmao so I say there for 45 mins playing all the papas pizzeria, freezeria etc lol

  5. HAA- I use it everday when I "am doing my work" in school

  6. Play roller baller it will make you rage!

  7. play the original "There Is No Game" game

  8. you can move the platform on there is no game brick game

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