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Escape! Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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The man got into a prison cell. The one who put him there decided to arrange a trial for him and put the key right in the chamber. In addition to keys, some doors can be opened using hint codes that can be read on the walls. Before the final door, you need to take special glasses with which you can read five tips and fold the final code. Please, note that the last code is generated automatically. And if you have hints like “0 is before 0” then you will have to start the game again. There is an error in the game and sometimes incorrect hints are generated. Game taken from cool math games site.


  1. spelling hello with numbers and using 7s instead of 1s should be illegal

  2. I got the thing where it glitches and says 0 is before 0, and I didn't know it was a glitch. So I went looking for all the hints, and it said that the first number wasn't 0. So that seriously tripped me up, because it turned out that every number was zero, like people in the comments are saying, and every time I restarted the game, it was always all zero. But I eventually figured out what was happening, so I decided to speedrun it and my final time was 28:40(meaning I finished it in 1:20).Anyone want to try and beat my score?

  3. I was confused on he last one and only read the one beside i and it said 0 was the last number. I guessed 00000 and got it right. lol

  4. I got all of the codes except for the last one, then I watched this video cuz I got stumped X/

  5. it literally wont let me put 51432 into the thing… how do i put it in?

  6. The last code is nothing all zeros I accidentally pressed next and it said CORRECT and I'm like what???

  7. All codes…
    1.Get the key
    2.code is 51432
    3.code is 12345
    4.code is 07734
    5.A new game generates a new code

  8. this game was bad, the controls were super glitchy and none of the codes worked.

  9. mine said 0 is the last number so i put 000000 and it worked lmao

  10. i got lucky that the last door passcode was 00000 !! really

  11. Lol I accidentally pressed it when there was nothing in the numbers on the last door and 0000 was right

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