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Fire Blob Winter Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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Fire Blob is an another platformer with a fiery blob. We need to light all the fire blanks at each of the 81 levels with red fire. In fact, this is a regular single-screen plaftormer. The main character melts the ice, runs away from the same blobs only of a different color, and lights a fire. Enemies can also light fire, but we can do it again, but do it with our color. In the last level, you need to destroy the big boss. But this is as easy to do as the game as a whole. The game is taken from the site Cool Math Games.


  1. a game where you should not get caught

  2. 20:52I think I figured out what the orange blob was saying. It was reversed and mixedTAH OLLEH, ECIN DNEIRFHello friend, nice hat :)/ YHW_ ISHT OUY ?GINOD ERAWhy are you doing this? _ /THIW OT I Q YUG YLAP TAH Q DETNAW A TSUC _ ECINI wanted a guy with nice hat to play with q_q

  3. The creator of the game 5 Step Steve recently released the sequel to that game called “N Step Steve Part 1”. Feel free to do a video on it, or multiple, if you feel like it.

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