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  1. I watch ur TikTok every day wean I come home from school 🎉🎉🎉

  2. “Eating all that food wasn’t as much a mistake as giving birth to boruto”💀💀💀

  3. "The pikachu treatment" I'm still holding on to the fact that pikachu was knocked out by a newly hatched snivy 💀

  4. Me: slept for 1 hour also me: AYYYY LETS GO PURPY SAGE

  5. please ; stop to hide the picture with your face . . .

  6. Did pain really shoot holes in jiraiya tho 🤤😏🤨🤨

  7. they put the wrong boruto. he literaly took kid narutos clothes

  8. Guy about to release all 8 Gates in the bathroom after this

  9. “Why can’t you just fight one on one” literally his powers😅

  10. THREE nerd segments in one video? im blessed

  11. The fight meme got me depressed my school blocked cool math games

  12. 7:25. It's not Pain. It's Madara. Get it right weeb guy

    (I mean this in jest the segments weeb guy comes out make me laugh way too hard)

  13. Bro about to completely destroy the shiter

  14. I am just scared to do any comment BC if I do any kind of comment he is going to like roast me as fuck

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