Game Theory: The Cool Math Games ARG Goes To Some Dark Places... -

Game Theory: The Cool Math Games ARG Goes To Some Dark Places…

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Do you guys remember CoolMath The website that everyone was able to sneak onto during class because it had “Math” in the title? Cool Math Games is home to some classic flash games that will take you RIGHT back to your middle school days, but more importantly than that… it’s home to a new ARG that has all sorts of twists and turns, so let’s all grab our calculators because something here doesn’t add up!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Mike Keenan (The Pokémon Biologist) , and Tom Robinson
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  1. I remember playing it in school but never understood the point of it, now you doing this makes me feel so happy!

  2. Has anyone solved and experienced the arg at school I sure did lol

  3. Please not cool math games I better not see anything on ball factory

  4. Matpat mentioned 666 and this is 6th on trending?!

  5. Bro i got so scared while watching this I almost stopped watching.

  6. You should make a theory about InTheLittleWood’s watcher lore

  7. I played this game and had no idea what I was doing

  8. Hey Matpat we need some lethal company content!

  9. Game theory on run 2. Where is he running to?

  10. Hey,Could you calculate how many episodes of Steven Universe you can watch in four hours?

  11. Never have i thought something i tried to solve would get solved by MatPat (i helped find some of the lore on a reddit post, never actually helped matpat i think)

  12. At the begining of the video at 2:13 theres a little secret in the glitch

  13. Never in my life would I think Game theory would get a song

  14. Do a theory on a Roblox game called "Item Asylum". It may look like a silly little game but it has lore in its bosses, lobbies and maps. For example: boss_klevinprime, lobby_mario, boss_weegee.

  15. There’s a cool math games arg?? Whaaaa??

  16. Ngl, but Cool Math Games' The Beast looks kind of cute, squishy and harmless
    but that is what it looks like in-game, but imagine what it looks like outside the game
    it probably won't be like that anymore


  18. 2:12 there is a creepy little guy that says to you “see you there”

  19. I played this once and somthing happend where the word multiplied. It was still the same word but it was weird not sure if it was anything but yeah

  20. I was going alright pretty normal and the he started to call the 2d generic monster satan

  21. Cool math games saved old flash games, and it saved my childhood…

  22. The weird thing is my school randomly blocked Coolmath games and I never new why until this video…

  23. Stupendium is one of my favourite musical creators, so the fact this is a thing it makes me so happy! They deserve so much!

  24. I have a theory that you should think about, seeing how you have done how many possible games of Mario maker there can be. This theory should be about how many possible different matches of Fortnite can be played, it’s the same concept but I think it would be cool to see as there are so many different variations of skins, but it’s limited to 100 players. Just something to think about 🙂

  25. There's a game on CMG called rotate, with a storyline I think you guys would enjoy looking into.

  26. While on the topic of Internet ARGs, there's also Mr. Freeman on youtube.


  28. I PLAYED THIS GAME WITH MY FRIEND, WE THOUGHT COOL MATH GAMES GOT HACKED😭😭😭 also i got jumpscared by the monster 🤦🏿‍♀️

  29. I genuinely never thought that matpat would mention run 3

  30. this is a theory for the ages you have attached ultimate theories badge

  31. Yo my friend found this out like a month ago final mat

  32. There is a game that CoolMath Games has made, it's called, "Coolmath Games, the Game." The monster makes it's appearance in this art space, and it talks to you about how it's saying that it cannot speak. I couldn't really decipher anything after that since most of the letters of the sentences were missing. Maybe that could have been something, but I'm not so sure.


  34. do a viva piñata video pls i have been asking u to mack a new vid

  35. The fact that it comes from cool math games enriches it

  36. When he said the beast I thought he was gonna make a connection with beauty and the beast

  37. CMG doing an ARG for their older users just shows the website is growing up with the users and they’re happy to embrace it

  38. I recommend sludge life part 1&2 the game gives you no explanation when you jump in if anyone could make a video it’s you

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