Game Theory: What The Heck Is Slurp Juice? (Fortnite) -

Game Theory: What The Heck Is Slurp Juice? (Fortnite)

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Loyal Theorists, have you ever wondered what Slurp Juice tastes like? Since its release in Fortnite years ago, I’ve always wondered what the heck it ACTUALLY was! What is this mystery liquid that can heal you upon consumption? Could it possibly be something we could recreate in the real world… and most importantly, does it taste like blue? Well, grab those gliders friends because today we’re droppin’ back into the world of Fortnite to figure out once and for all exactly what Slurp Juice is, and how in the world it created Buff Peter Griffin!

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  1. you are ignoring an important fact: the juice that peter have drinked was expired

  2. I can't wait to see the hosts appearing on other channels when the topics cross over a bit

  3. My theory is that shield items are made with nanotech and that’s why shield breakers are EMPs that take shield but not HP

  4. Nice ad transition honest it was super smooth

  5. I am sorry but….. this is not the same…….😢

  6. Yo matpat is back👍👍👌👌🥶🥶

  7. fortnites thing is literlly just crossovers

  8. who else misses matpat😅🥲😓😰😥

  9. Ahm ur a wee bit late bc he’s gone now but I understand it takes a while to make these just wanted to say it

  10. There may be some lore to find when you look at TOTK and AOC together,the attacks of the bosses in TOTK line up with some of the playable characters in AOC,but I won't say more

  11. That weird crossover moment had me 😂

  12. Video 3 of asking for a Sky: Children of the Light theory!

  13. Peter Griffen is just a skibidi alpha that’s why he was so strong

  14. At least hes keeping game theory alive

  15. Did Tom ever get the opportunity to punch santi?

  16. yeaahhh…the idea of this drug creating the healing process of muscle without the need to actually MAKE any sounds like something seriously fucky wucky can occur…

  17. peter griffin has been awaited for 3 years blud

  18. i miss matpat, and i love fortnite, but this video was slightly (0.000000000001%) underresearched

  19. Wait…if that chemical was discovered in 2023 and Fortnite came out in 2017,then it was either random or they predicted the future.

  20. im pretty sure not even epic games themselves have thought this much about the slurp juice😂😂

  21. Not ee-strogen. It's pronounced S-tro-gen.

  22. The fact that he said slurp about 100 times with no pause scares me..


  23. Probably should have put this on food channel

  24. Why did matpat quit youtube, did anyone give him tensions or something? I had listened the voice and matpats voice is very crackey but this one is a British person (ami right that its a British person?) I liked the way he said THE LOREEEEEEEEEEEEE! I missed those days hes voice gave me happiness now i dont like this person.

  25. I wonder what your search history might be to host this channel 😂

  26. Tom you forgot the fact that the slurp peter drank expired in 2021

  27. Should have been a food theory I think

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