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Hacking Planet Life – Cool Math Games + Official Website

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DOWNLOAD BELOW! In this video I go in depth on how to Hack Planet Life on your PC/Chromebook web-browser. Without needing to download any software, hack-tools, etc. All web-browsers are supported in this method (Besides Web-Kit & IE 6.0 or below). This is a follow up to my original video, and sorry about that sound quality. Lol.

Hack Planet Life Here:
Official Website:
CoolMathGame’s Website:

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  1. Thanks to everyone who Watched! I really do appreciate it.Consider Subscribing to My Channel, I make cool cheats and mods for other games too!

  2. ty man, i was using this to goof around and flex on my friends

  3. yeah i even edited some text in the .planet file to unlock time terrarium and get rich when playing as the planet

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