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I found a Grand Strategy Game made for KIDS?!

Drew Durnil
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I finally play some Cool Math Games, except its actually pretty hard. World geography according to dank memes

Coolmath Games is an online gaming site for educational games. It is one of the most well-known sites of the mid-2000s.

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  1. Anyone else thought the thumbnail was Risk?

  2. I've played this game and its hard.
    Fun fact: When I played it I was at school, supposed to be doing Math on my computer but I felt like playing games.

  3. Request:making all of the 10 smallest and largest countries battle
    Small vs large

  4. Anybody else eating Pop tarts while watching this?

  5. Once I saw the “Run 3” game that gave me SO much nostalgia

  6. i broke the game i was staying in the african level keeping arabia alive and i grinded so hard and got 10 k troops

  7. i played this before before knowing military strategies

  8. Yoo I played this game during online class one time 💀

  9. It would be a great thing to show this to my child if I have one in the future and just hope he wont use it in real life

  10. Coolmath games ia actually educational if you look at it. A example I cn think of is a space game that teaches you gravity, space, and morals. Instead of "Oh no! The ship is being attracted to the planet!!!!" Its "Oh crap my ship is crashing into the planet im gonna die noooo" wich is more fun than the first speech. It teaches you about the gravity effect of planets large or small and even stuffs in some resource management.

    TL;DR Games are fun when they apply real world concepts wich makes alot of them educational.

  11. I am 10 years old and I play World Conqueror 4,i beated the allies 3 times now using Italy,Romania,and Hungary and I am struggling in the Battle of Berlin ( Destination Berlin ) I have 2 Generals. I have Mayor Bagramyan and General Crerar 🙂🙂🙃🙃

  12. 7:42 I have played the game and this is the level I am stuck at

  13. Does he not know he can upgrade tiles edit I made this when he did not know this

  14. Did you know in 2020 school kids would get the iPads schools would give to play cool math games

  15. Cool Math Games – Teaching kids the effectiveness of using biological weapons to commit war crimes!

  16. Sad fact: My school blocked coolmathgames

  17. I went to play cool math games at my school and it sed it was restricted

  18. I actually used to play this all the

  19. “But that’s 20 dollars I don’t got that”. I felt that

  20. Help me why is Michigan gone and why is mexico small!!!

  21. Cool math games sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesesh

  22. You aren't sending in people. You're literally sending flying swords that destroy anything and breaks with one touch.

  23. Halloween Kingthegamelover Palmer+King Reacts says:

    So every country's leader learned from this damn thing

  24. I actually played that years ago and forgot what it was called.
    Also I became really good at it and almost never lost

  25. Plz also mention names of these games in description of the video.Thxs

  26. I'm not gonna say anything…. Nope I'm not saying it can't say it

    I gotta say it………Chess………

  27. Bruh i play this on cool math games and i can not pass the level on the thumbnail.

  28. I used to play mainland wars constantly as a kid

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