I Haven't Been On These Websites in YEARS! (CoolMath Games + FunBrain) - zepplay.com

I Haven’t Been On These Websites in YEARS! (CoolMath Games + FunBrain)

Rico The Giant
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I hope at least one of my subscribers been to either of these sites before.

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  1. Oh trust me Rico I wasn’t in your time period but we do still play cool math and other websites

  2. i love cookmath games too bad schools blocked it now

  3. Nowadays is almost the exact same as back then I mean besides the clothes

  4. I completely forgot about funbrain 😭 that was the shit!

  5. I was born in 2007 an I dont know anything about this litness.

  6. "im not gonna die no more tho" dies at the moment he said he not gonna die

  7. unlocking SO MANY memories off rip w playground….. wow

  8. i remember my 9th grade year coolmath got blocked on our administrated chromebooks💀 bc i guess the board thought it was too distracting. everyone would hop on when they had free time in class. spotify web player was still accessible too. the NEXT year so many sites were banned. the year after, any search with a “vulgar” word was also banned. even if u were doing a report on breast cancer it would be blocked bc of breast. the administration was so up their own ass w all those rules. anyways, thank u for the nostalgia w this

  9. bob the rober and run 1 2 and 3 are my fav games on cool math

  10. My childhood websites are the Nick Jr. website, Cartoon Network website and the Coolmath website.

  11. Coolmath
    Fun brain

  12. damn thanks for this vid I know im late but damnnnnnn fun brain was a feeling of nostalgia that I didn't even rememberrr till I saw it here!!! I literally used to go mad hard on that game , also sum thing about the animation just hit differennntttt that shit classic.

    btw I just happened to find your channel randomly when I was tired of all the you tubers I been seeing and im so glad I did! you have such a genuine personality and I really feel like I can vibe w your videos

  13. For me it was cool math, friv, animal jam, and club penquin. Thing is i still play some of them and that was about 9 years ago

  14. There was this website i went to play games with my bigger sister and we played these games about a green creature, it looked like the cut the rope monster

  15. broooo, not him going on basically everything I went on! I loved funbrain! I used to play poptropica (when it was a part of funbrain) or I'd be on the arcade part, always playing penguin drop!!! and Bloxors was the only game i played on coolmath

  16. Damn to think 3 years ago this man dropped this banger on my birthday

  17. I'm a senior now and have been playing most of these games since elementary 😭

  18. Coolmath is a 4th of my childhood lol 😂

  19. What about Papa's games? (Papa's Pizzeria, Sushiria, Freezeria, Wingeria, etc…)

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