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I played and ranked EVERY CoolMath Games… Game

Jake Miller
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Ready to relive your childhood with these nostalgic games? I’ve found some of the most classic Cool Math Games out there so we can put them on a tier list! From Snail Bob to Duck Life to Run, all of our favorites are here! Except for Red Ball, Truck Loader, The Impossible Game, Tiny Heist, 60 Second Burger Run, Johnny Upgrade, Li- OK I MIGHT’VE MISSED A FEW

Which ones should I rank next? And do you have a favorite CoolMathGames game?

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0:00 Intro
1:11 Games
2:02 Fireboy and Watergirl
3:01 Sticky Ninja
3:34 Sugar, Sugar
4:32 Duck Life
5:30 The World’s Hardest Game
6:31 Jelly Truck
7:14 Jelly Escape
7:52 JellyDad Hero
8:33 Snail Bob
9:32 Learn to Fly
10:08 This is the Only Level
10:46 Factory Balls
11:18 Run
12:22 Chess
12:33 Catch the Candy
13:07 Pre-Civilization Bronze Age
14:04 Home Sheep Home
14:58 Jacksmith
15:50 Just One Boss
16:29 Bloxorz
17:07 OvO
17:39 Papa’s Pizzeria
18:30 Final Rankings

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  1. I'm kinda disappointed you didnt talk about wheely

  2. You should rank every duck life game it would be nice since you only played the first game and the series games get better and better

  3. 12:25 broo is this a 100 elo game😂😂
    Nf7+ fork was blundered like for 10 moves and white did not find it

  4. There was another one called "Prince Edward"..it was amazing

  5. i solo'd fireboy and watergirl in the 6th grade, it took like 6 hours during the time where my class went to chicago for a week (i was too poor to go so i just hung out with my best friend who didnt really like video games)

  6. You should of added ninja painter / ninja miner

  7. pls do "awesome tanks" and "awesome tanks 2"

  8. The Supernal Aurora // *insert alternate name* says:

    dream tower was where it was at

  9. Big Tower Tiny Square deserves to be on next tier list

  10. I was gonna have a fit of rage if you didn’t put there’s only one level in S. I can’t wait for the elephant collection to come out on steam.

  11. One thing I want to add about OvO is it has a speedrunning community too and i think its made to be a good speed game? I left the speedrunning discord a while ago because I was bad at the game but there were levels where you could clip and a (i think) frame perfect trick which used doing a jump dive and ground pound in quick succession which let you jump high with tons of speed

  12. me when fireboy watergirl not in S+ tier 😭😭😭😭😭

  13. happyrobloxjz‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ says:

    Do some "Friv" games next, they also have insanely nostalgic games

  14. Will you do a tier list of all the Learn to fly games?

  15. If you get 1 million subscribers, in my opinion you truly deserve it.

  16. I think one of tutorials in watergirl and fireboy calls green liquid poison.

  17. Jellytruck was one of my favorite games, its difficult if your right arrow not up to move though

    also archery world tour, b-cubed, awesome tanks 2, parking fury and block the pig

  19. Bloons Tower Defenze, Rotate and Roll, and Snoring

  20. In part 2 you better talk about Johnny upgrade and ninja painter

  21. Cool math games had so many other games. Me and the key, Farafalla, bubble tanks tower defense, bloons tower defense, Orb, Parking mania, 40xEscape, Johnny Upgrade, Color World, Meeblings, Crazy Taxi…
    There’s just so much of my childhood in this one website.

  22. We gotta see xm moto, both games were top tier, also snake went crazy

  23. u can't include bloxorz without mentioning b cubed

  24. There Is No Game. Hands down the ONE game I would replay except for Run 3.

  25. I don't want to be that one obnoxious comment, Friv is almost basically same as cool math, but what about Tasty Planet, Milk Quest and Three Pandas? I just want someone to pay attention to Milk Quest and Three Pandas. Please!

  26. No Johnny upgrade? I played it so much I ended up being able to beat it in 1 class lmao. Also bloxorz is S.

  27. I hope to see Big Tower Tiny Square on the list if you make another CoolMath games ranking video.

  28. you should rank nitrome games they are all incredibly high quality

  29. This site's games list changed a LOT over the years, even before Flash Player was lost. I can still remember a lot of the games that were on the site for only a few months before they vanished and I could never find them again…

  30. Grab them by the eyes is a super good cool math game!!

  31. I never really played coolmathgames. I was a Nitrome guy. Saying that: I would love a Nitrome game tierlist.

  32. pls tell me someone else remembers this one game idk if it was on coolmathgames but it was somewhere Im sure, I dont remember much except it was like dark and u had to carry around a lantern or light or something while making ur way through the level, there might have been two characters Im not sure, and I think I remember something about a dog in it. It's such a vague memory Id love to find it again if anyone else recognizes the incredibely vague description lmao

  33. Please do wheely, 3 pandas, or wonderputt thise games are fun

  34. You single-handedly offended 90% of the people on my school by saying that Jelly Escape was a D Tier 💀

  35. I feel like…disney just copied shark boy and lava girl..or somthing

  36. Recommended games for a part 2:

    Sushi Cat
    Amigo Pancho
    Disaster strikes back

  37. Tbh the game I always played was Moto X3M. That game was so fun.

  38. (Small game suggestion) I remember the times I played Tiny Heist on cool math games, I would say it’s pretty under rated in my opinion.
    You play as this heist figure in this retro style looking game, collecting gems and collectables and moving up floors, WHILE trying to avoid being caught by some Patrol Bots, Guard Dogs, and Cameras. Not to mention that it does get harder the higher up you go. After the 1st floor, you’ll have to navigate through unrevealed areas where you’ll have to be careful where you go through. But once you make it to the top, you’ll have the option to collect more risky gems if you so do so. Let me warn you- after some time, the entrance will deploy a random enemy that will wonder around or chase you so you gotta be careful. When you make it to the Helicopter pad, the game would end and will calculate how many gems you have collected.

  39. honestly with the new membership and the ads every five seconds i feel like coolmathgames has really fell off HARD

  40. I remember some of them but sadly not all of them.

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