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I played and ranked EVERY CoolMath Games SEQUEL

Jake Miller
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Everyone loves the original Run, Duck Life, Fireboy and Watergirl, Big Tower Tiny Sqaure, Learn to Fly, and more, but which CoolMathGames sequels live up to their predecessors?

CoolMath videos playlist:

Which CoolMath Games series/sequel is your favorite? And which games do you think I put in the wrong tier?

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0:00 Intro
0:35 EVERY Sequel
1:11 Fireboy and Watergirl in the Light Temple
1:48 Duck Life 2
2:47 Snoring 2
3:24 Sugar, Sugar 2
4:20 World’s Hardest Game 2
5:03 Big Tower Tiny Square 2
6:05 Learn to Fly 2
6:53 This is the Only Level Too
7:28 Cargo Bridge 2
8:12 Snail Bob 2
8:57 Tarzan Ball
10:13 Run 2
11:17 Factory Balls 2
11:49 Truck Loader 2
12:23 Raft Wars 2
12:58 Awesome Tanks 2
13:36 60 Second Santa Run
14:18 Escape from Castle Claymount
15:11 Space is Key 2
15:52 Red Ball 2
16:34 Papa’s Freezeria
17:42 Final Rankings


  1. Jake Miller never fails to deliver me some cool math games the second

  2. Great video love the Santa run Love from Thailand 🇹🇭💗

  3. Snail bob IS A SPONGEBOB RIP OFF uh huh uh huh oh and IQ ball that’s what I call my balls

  4. I'm glad Snail Bob 2 got A tier, it's definitely more interesting than the original and just has more interesting puzzles

  5. Learn to fly 2 is my favorite of the three games

  6. I'm glad you put Learn 2 Fly where it deserves, it was my FAVORITE flash game growing up. Way better than 1 and 3 imo. Papa's Freezeria would have been my favorite if it wasn't for the lack of customizing the lobby, which Cupcakeria had

  7. So did you successfully make the biggest melon ever?

  8. Wtf is that braindead Steam profile picture dude 💀

  9. I love iq ball/tarzan ball/ catch the candy, and I did not spend 6 hours playing the entire series for you to wreck my opinion lol.

  10. Ranked every GameTornado Rampage games? I bet pls

  11. Alright, but AT2 without the laser is maybe the best experience I've ever had whilst playing a flash game. Hell, I didn't even know that the laser was overpowered, I just never unlocked it because I was doing fine with my current gear.

  12. No other site will ever capture the magic of CoolMathGames back then.

  13. Yo Jake I somehiw missed the last video, idk why it didn't notify me….


  14. There are a few id recomend

    Zombotron series

    Earth taken series

    Endless war series

    City siege series

    Strike force heroes /raze series

    And alot of nitrome games

  15. That scream at 19:38 Blew my ear drums, Also WE need a sequel to this video, also rank red ball 4 and all duck life games,

    Love your content 🔥

  16. Hi Jake,

    This matter does not relate to the video, but I would like to request that you kindly remove your current YouTube channel banner, as it contains misinformation. Off to the far right, there is a note saying "Tee-hee, mobile users can't see this," however, as one may be able to note, if you are using a device such as a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, which is indeed a mobile device, the message is still visible.

    Due to this fact, you are guilty of spreading misinformation. L + Ratio. Simply get good. Simply a skill issue.

    With warm regards,
    Some idiot on the internet who thinks he's funny.

  17. One of my favorite games that I still play is Raze. It breaks my heart that the memories I have with these games are just memories, but I'm also happy that I have these memories to begin with. You've unlocked more hidden games and memories with these videos. I, and many others, played such great games.

  18. Me being like: ooooh its mine and place subway surfer under my short and a greenscreenkid for comments

  19. HAHAHAHAHA what a great video i was laughing at it the whole time (i know im late sir please spare my kneecaps)

  20. 10:12 there is a mobile version with all levels and they are all candy i swear play it oh also snail bob has a mobile version

  21. I know I am late but how did you play that version of Snail Bob? Admitedly I never played these cool math games on cool maths itself. I did replay them on other sites and on mobile but both were missing some levels, for example the eagle and concert level from 2. Same goes for the other 4 games from the "original games"

  22. You REALLY need to play the later Duck Life games and put them in a tier list especially since 9 is coming out soon.

  23. Sorry jake there is this game called catch the candy halloween
    Edit there s catch the candy mech and xmas

  24. 12:30 WTF happened to the Raft Wars art style? It looks nothing like that!

  25. 2:30 The Billboard actually says: "You can read Japanese?"

    And the Duck says: "Impressive"

  26. There were actually Farafalla Chrimstmas and Catch the Candy Mech as 2nd parts.
    Yep, these are real

  27. A lot of these actually had 3rd parts.

    Duck Life, Fireboy and Watergirl, Run, Catch The Candy, Snail Bob, Learn to Fly, Worlds Hardest Game, Sugar Sugar Sugar, Red Ball, Papa's, Cargo Bridge and probably Truck Loader too (but I am not sure about that one).

    Will you do sequel sequels?

  28. Well iamtigir made 4 simillar games on mobile you should prolly check it ou the order is the first one the forth one the sec9nd one and tye third one

  29. At 7:26 tla is a gokd replacement or if you want more respond or do a whimper audio

  30. 2:34 I was NOT expecting a clip from the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV in here, but n i c e

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