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I played Cool Math Games & loved it

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I played Cool Math Games & loved it
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I played Cool Math Games & loved it
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  1. My mum confused why cool math games doesn't have any math in it

  2. I love cool math (thats all my entire school plays) if there was coolmath as an option you KNOW ill be on there gettin my short cut no one like abc ya anymore btw
    Here is my favorite games
    Run 3
    Start powerless
    Monkey swing. (Swing monkey)
    And my favorite is…Tiny fishing (i have 50 Trillion dollars and all the hooks)

  3. Jack when he doesn’t beat a game ‘ nobody likes this game’

  4. Play World's Hardest Game
    I beat the first 6 levels legit

  5. My school blocked cmg a few months ago but at least the has Minecraft education no all the computers, it’s just Minecraft and you can also join your friends

  6. We used to have so much fun on that website he’s so right about it being the only thing we we’re allowed

  7. The tic tac toe game with multiple Square is called tic tac toe challenge

  8. Listen, I know I'm two years late, but at least he shouted me out at 14:03.

    If you were wondering I'm actually Maltese.

  9. Uhh i play this on school laptops cuz i dont wanna do the work plus it doesnt need maths

  10. the noughts and crosses game was actually really cool bc it was noughts and crosses within noughts and crosses


  12. I love this website OvO is my favorite game on it

  13. 12:46 – the beginning of a whole series

    That happened 2 years later

  14. Plot twist: jack is secretly sponsored by coolmathsgames

  15. You should play stranded isle
    We play it all the time at school
    It's kinda like 2d minecraft

  16. Jack this title sounds like a Jack Massey Welsh title to me tbh

  17. Coolmath was literally my primary school gem, so much nostalgia from this. Pleading with your teacher to give you the ICT suite pass 2 days in a row even though you weren't allowed. Playing fireboy and watergirl with your best mate. Making those sweet sweet cupcakes and milkshakes for papa. Days were better back then. Thank you, coolmaths. Frick you, flash being removed.

  18. Jack plays game: loses STUPID GAME NOBODY LIKES IT

  19. That game is has the headquarters in NYC

  20. I'm playing Jelly Truck but I'm stuck on level 3 because the truck keeps falling into the big hole before crossing the bridge unlike how you did on 11:00.

  21. Lol my class is friends in class and me are all obbsesed with this website mostly the game run 3 XD I’m on level 63

  22. Oml- searched it up to play duck life 4 and I saw someone that looked like you, so I went to you channel and I found this video- lol ur on a main image for coolmath games-

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