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I played Cool Math Games & loved it

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I played Cool Math Games & loved it
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I played Cool Math Games & loved it
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  1. The have finally done it they have blocked cool maths games

  2. Me on level 11 and dies once

    Jack on level 3 has died 3 times

  3. Play Roblox cool math games has a Roblox account

  4. it's funny how he promotes cool math games merch then his lol

  5. Man i just realised duck life is from coolmath games. Now i love cool math games! Because duck life is my favorite game!

  6. In the countries game, I literally have heard of like two of those countries😂😂 the American school system has failed me greatly🤦

  7. My elementary like ip banned coolmath games for "inappropriate ads"

  8. For the tic tac toe where ever you place it on the game, is the next board you go to? If that makes sense? so if you place an X on the top right corner you will go to the game in the top right corner, if you place an X on the middle left, you will go to the middle left etc…

  9. Please know that if you have happened to sell your soul to some type of a contract, power, spirit, or to the Devil; to please know that JESUS CHRIST has the ability to break up any of those types of relationships.

  10. why do you dont play papa louie its free and in the oter one you need to pay

  11. Bruh… I am a bit offended that you thought the Netherlands was Norway…

  12. Why in the description of this video it says the game he’s playing is Minecraft

  13. did you know coolmathgames is shutting down? <- joke so no more comments

  14. coolmathgames is just a decoy to make techers think your learning

  15. 0:20 Cool Math Games is the only games website at my school that's blocked.

  16. Today I played coolmath and in 3rd grade u need to play a motorcycle game

  17. At my school coolmathgames is blocked at my school so we have to use a nockoff😞

  18. There's a game in coolmathgames called not a game. PLAY IT

  19. You just KNOW what type of kid Jack was in school just based off this vid

  20. bro i have played cool math games for so long and i even sneakaly play coolmath games at school

  21. Me gets hacks for clicker heroes

    Also me| cool maths games gets laggy

    Also me again | restarts clicker heroes me >:(

  22. Why am I enjoying watching a grown man playing a children’s game

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