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I played Cool Math Games & loved it

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I played Cool Math Games & loved it
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I played Cool Math Games & loved it
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  1. When you’re American and know more European countries than jack lmao

  2. I don’t likes maths, even if it is cool-Jack 2020

  3. Got blocked in 3rd and up grades sadly

  4. If you haven’t played in ur ICT lesson what was your childhood

  5. We need ANOTHER channel… Jacksucksatjellytruck

  6. I only came and watched this because i wanted the hoodie
    and also jack should play these 2 games on coolmathgames
    Moto3XM and OvO
    Me and my friends spent like 15 minutes just trying to get past level 11 on OvO
    its impossible

  7. I had a math teacher who was the only teacher who knew cool math had no math and I never got to play it in that class lol

  8. Everyone:Transylvania is in Romania and it's a region
    Jack:It'S a cOuNtry ItsElF!
    Me at 5 years:Transylvania is on moon!

  9. he should’ve got becky in to play fireboy and watergirl!!

  10. Who actually where’s cool math game’s merch in public. And that first game all my friends play that game and I suck at it alot.

  11. jack: Jelly truck oh my god that has just thrown some nostalgia into my brain
    also jack:i absolutely love it… how do i play what am i doing?

  12. To play strategic tic tac toe I think if you go in the top right of 1 box then the opponent goes in the top right of the 9 grid box however if someone has already drawn/won the box you/the computer is going to play in (in my example top right) they choose the box they go in

    Hope this helps,
    I am bad at explaining

  13. Imagine if watching an ad counted as watching a video

  14. I was almost scared you could not get Czechia, my country

  15. Coolmathgame is shutting down because of abdobie flass drive

  16. He was reacting so wildly to literally a 2d alien jumping over a gap. I swear to god can somebody reccomend a single good video?

  17. If you haven’t played coolmath games you have not lived a live.

  18. 0:17 Wrong even when this video was posted now you most likely didnt know this existed but in 2016 Microsoft made minecraft education edition for schools and this was posted 5months ago and maybe a few weeks or days more but its 2020 now so you posted this video in 2019 which means it was out for 3years You can get on to me about that I was just saying a fact that some people might not know about but then again minecraft is the best selling game of all time so

  19. Surprisingly in my school YouTube isn’t blocked so I make it my goal to watch this video in class on a chrome book (after the whole quarantine)

  20. One time at my school, they did block it 💩 but me being a smart tech kid (jk) I actually found a bypass. ofc I didn’t tell anybody.. haha

  21. Amazing to watch from Finland👍👍👍👍👍👍🤩🤩

  22. I’ve played strategic tic tac toe and it’s where there are 9 tic tac toe boards and every game you win you earn that spot. You can also dictate which of the nine boards your opponent would have to play on by choosing which spot inside the smaller board you have chosen. Whoever wins three games in a diagonal, vertical and horizontal order wins the game.

  23. Sorry if my explanation is very confusing, I tried.

  24. Like say you played on the top right corner in the bottom right corner in the whole board. Then, your opponent would have to play on the top right board but can play wherever they choose on that top right board within the whole entire board. Now say if the top right corner was already occupied. Then, if you play the top right corner of the bottom right corner of the whole board, Then, your opponent would be able to play any board in the whole entire board, not just one specific board

  25. Jack how could you not know where the Netherlands are? I can SEE the UK from the beach, we are practically neighbours! I know this is an old video, but this was a tragic moment.

  26. i’m genuinely surprised you haven’t made a cool math games account yet jack

  27. Jack: Plays CoolMath Games

    Youtube in the description: huh.. that looks like minecraft to me

  28. My school blocked coolmathgames and I got back at them by eating bar soup and sneezing everywhere the next day

  29. i feel like if jack does another one of these he should play “pirate jack gold beard”

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