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I Speedrun OVO on CoolMathGames and almost went insane

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I Speedrun OVO on CoolMathGames and almost went insane. This is inspired by EazySpeezy and SmallAnt.

OVO is a game on Google’s Coolmathgames, to bad coolmathgames is shutting down. This video was hilarious, fun, and funny. This made me feel like EazySpeezy, he has some of the best content out there like i speedrun bad minecraft and papas freezeria speedrun. Hopefully my speedrunning youtube channel can be as good as his one day.

This is not is speedrun bad minecraft/ he thought I couldn’t speedrun the snake game/ I decided to speedrun Duck Life or anything like that. This isn’t a speedrun of Where’s My Water, but I did lose my sanity and saw things I will never unsee. This was pleasant, and the funniest video ever. Kinda like Quackity and Dream.

Thank you for watching!
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  1. Just like everyone else in this comment section, I too speedrun OvO. I would love to see you come back after learning a ton of new strats!

  2. Well I can Speedrun the whole game in 4 minutes and has the 17th spot on the leaderboard. But this was really good for a first try! I remember when I started out I never beat 30. I thought most levels was hard but you're over here killing it on the first try.

  3. Nice job and keep up the good work. You earned a sub. 😃

  4. Hey us small guys got to stick together.

  5. I can speedrun the entire game in 20 minutes… but you have presented strats I have never thought about

  6. Come back to this game and run the whole thing plz 😬

  7. I beat hard mode in like 13 minutes but you did good for a first try.

  8. You could have wall glitch you have to click up and down at the same time on level 11

  9. It’s when you said you’re stuck to the wall on level 14 that’s a wall glitch

  10. I can speedrun the game in 14 min… all 40 levels!

  11. 4:46 He feels traumutized
    4:16 He gets chopped by a floating pencil
    3:56 He is just stuck here
    1:49 The funniest edit in the history of YouTube. There is no edits in the history of YouTube. That is actually @Conbas screaming.
    3:19 He's an idiot
    3:27 He takes too long just reading and hangin' around
    4:31 My response: You're supposed to. USE YOUR MIND
    0:49 A magic life saver appears on the screen right in your face
    Ok that took long

  12. If you speed the playback speed up to 2, it feels like a mod and it's funny.


  13. Very cool video. Would be cool to see a sequel and also you earned a sub

  14. I speesran level 10, 17, the basics, and getting serious on my channel

  15. Hey this is pretty cool! I speedrun ovo for a living and it’s always fun to watch “ovo speedrun” videos. Well done Mr. Combas

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