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I used ChatGPT/AI to make a game that made $10,000!

Anul Agarwal
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I made the famous Watermelon Suika Game using ChatGPT in 2 weeks while earning me close to $10,000!

The game reached 1 million+ gameplays 🤩

Web-Platforms where I distributed:
3️⃣ Rainmaker was a special one-time license, they are not a web games platform like other platforms so I would not suggest trying them out.

Play the game on Android:

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00:00 Watermelon game Trend
00:35 Using ChatGPT for 2D Assets
01:51 Using ChatGPT for gameplay code
02:47 Final Gameplay
02:55 GameDistribution
03:17 GameDistribution earnings
03:43 Rainmaker
03:59 Coolmath games
04:38 Coolmath earnings
04:55 Publisher Competition (SuperSonic)
05:22 Play Store (Ad-rev)
05:49 Total earnings
07:15 Web Game Platforms


  1. This video is from the people that teach you to automatize your workflow and make passive incomes without working? 😂 well I’m waiting the video in witch you will reveal that this video was made also for ChatGPT and you gain 20k. Now seriously I don’t think that stealing others games and generating them with chatGPT is something to be proud but that is my opinion

  2. i started today just like u, and can i maybe talk to on insta or something. i need some help or better sayed i have some questions. Also did register a business? is it required? idk hot to text u, do u have insta or something maybe? also u did this only with chatgpt or do u have knowledge at programming cus u used unity??

  3. Yes, 200$ per hour is a good result, but only 1 game out of 20 works out this way, and if we take into account in this formula all the time spent on unsuccessful projects, then it can turn out to be 3$ per hour)

  4. This is awesome, you've got me really motivated…I'd like to know, how did you monetize for the other platforms? Like the web

  5. To the point and informative!!👏

  6. May i ask why choose to sell licenses of your game instead of choosing an ad reveneu split ?

  7. Nice video, did you find any legal problems using AI generated sprites, like a platform not acepting it or something?

  8. That's really insightful, Anul.
    Keep up the good work man 👍

  9. Very informative. Thanks for sharing 💪🏻

  10. Thanks for sharing, why was your game banned from GPlay? was it due to the AI art or something else?

  11. Found so useful, and encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Very informative, it's amazing how you get 40k downloads from organic downloads :O, it is really interesting how you did that, maybe can you create a video about that? Keep it up, you got+1 subscriber!

  13. It's rare to see honest people guiding and letting people know how much they can make approx and what steps to take. Great job.

  14. Very impressive and soo useful! Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. You probably need Premium to use Dall-E right? But wow that's crazy. I wonder how many people can do something like this, before it starts saturating.

  16. Great video. Had no idea that you were behind this game!

  17. this popped up in my recommended! Cool to see the process 🍉👏✨

  18. Good Information. Will try few HTML5 games!

  19. Super amazing video and great insights Anul! Eagerly waiting for the next part!

  20. Wow! That's great, This video is real motivation for Game Developers.

  21. Thanks for sharing your story and giving cool tips 👍

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