Illiteracy Walkthrough 6 signs Cool Math Games -

Illiteracy Walkthrough 6 signs Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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In Illiteracy on the screen you have a row of 8 characters, in which there are 6 different signs. Each character when you click on it changes one or more other characters, according to some rules. You need to understand this pattern, and add 8 characters of one type. And so you need to do 6 times for each type. The game is taken from the site Cool Math Games.


  1. If you pay attention, you can kinda see how the symbols work as you go

  2. I’m still confused on how it works 😅

  3. 30% of players like Illiteracy, which means 70% of players hate it

  4. man i was playing this game for at least 50 minutes until i got two

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