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Le Chat Fonce 3 Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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The cat must collect 100 maple leaves and invite all his friends to a party. The level contains keys of three colors. Most of all green, each collected key adds a third of the key that will open some of the locked doors. It’s the same with the orange key, but there is only one door for it. And there is also a purple key that opens the final door. Also in the game there are two rods that let water into the dungeon and give you the opportunity to get into hard-to-reach places. Game played on Cool Math Games site.


  1. What's the music at the beginning and the ending? I want the EXACT name.

  2. I’m playing on my iPad how do I get the lever flipped

  3. Yiu should edit out you failing the jump 5 times

  4. What happens when i or you get a final key in "Le Chat Fonce 3"

  5. To interact use j.
    Interact like chat and flipping switch.

  6. In order to get the water on press 'j'. The same key you use to talk to the friends is the same one you use to flip the lever.

  7. If you have a samsung galaxy s10. Your phone shoulda come with an adapter. You can plug your pc in the adaptor and you can hit j on the lever.

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