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Learn to Code in Roblox & Minecraft with…COOLMATH GAMES??? 🤯

Coolmath Games
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Yes, that’s right! Coolmath Coding – our new site dedicated to helping curious minds learn to code their own Minecraft mods and Roblox games.

✅ Perfect for beginners
✅ Learn at your own pace
✅ Live support whenever you need it

Start your coding journey 👉


  1. Hopefully it helps me make games for ubuntu touch

  2. COOL MATH GAMES!!! OH THIS MAKES ME SO NOSTALGIC!! Too bad we can’t visit your site anymore… 🙁
    Incase y’all didn’t know, all kids love you! And we really do! We think your site is actually “cool”. Also, wow I’m gonna try the coding thing cause I do wanna learn how to make games for roblox, and then I’ll probably do the Minecraft one.

  3. the games are so old that some of the games dont even work right in roblox

  4. Cool math games was a website I played in school until it wasn’t clickable because of my school


  6. i just created bedwars but with 378.23Quad parts thx dude

  7. Honestly this is cap as hell (lol its a joke i dont use cool math anyways)

  8. Dear Coolmathgames please make clicker heroes work

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