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Learning Math

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I think I’m a Math addict now…


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  1. I rember this guy from my childhppd i was watching him on my moms phone and one day i just got bored and i remembererd this guy from one yt shorts clip and i searched and searched but i didnt know hisa name and from the comments i we seen his name and now i just have memories that was days fam

  2. 0:55 smash or pass be like hmmmm this phone looks the same pass this one looks the same pass OH! This one! SMASH!

  3. Can we just Honor the man for having THREE Calculators and instead using them as an example for himself instead of cheating

  4. Explaining math to a first grader be like:

  5. Casually doesn’t care about the blood on his desk

  6. That wasn't katch up that was b l o o d

  7. What Would Happen If You Touch The Answer Of 5÷0?

  8. So THIS is why this channel never showed up on my home page 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Even if you don't know about answers, you right question part very confidently

  10. A simple rule cannot be divided by zero simply exists:
    This guy:

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