Live Q&A - with Tom Vasel - August 29 -

Live Q&A – with Tom Vasel – August 29

The Dice Tower
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You’ve got questions! Tom has answers! It’s meant to be!

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  1. The DMV audio of this q&a is only 20 minutes long. Don’t know who to tell.

  2. Tom, I respectfully disagree with your view on the seals. I think you need to take into consideration the wider impact. Publishers are putting these seals on the game, very proudly. For them it might mean selling a few more copies because it has that accolade on the box. But it doesn’t say “Seal of Excellence from Zee” or “Seal of Approval from Roy”, not is says Seal of …. from the Dice Tower. That means from the “corporate” entity the Dice Tower. You probably have a wider impact then you yourself might think. You are a very humble person, and I greatly appreciate that character trait, but you cannot deny that you are big in the board gaming industry. I watch other channels (even on war gaming channels) as well and 99 times out of a 100 they will mention that “we do not have the time/budget/… of the Dice Tower”. They don’t mention SUSD or Rahdo but they will mention DT in a respectable way. That shows you are bigger than you might imagine yourself. To come back to my point. If a buyer buys a game that has a seal of excellence on it from the Dice Tower and they have heard about you but are not regular viewers, then they expect something great. If the experience is not great and it turns out, because they then watch the review, that only one person thought it was a 9 and the other three in the review gave it a 7 then I can understand the reaction of people saying “why not base it on the average”. Clearly if the average was taken into account it might not have gotten the seal or a lower one. After all, as I said, the seal does not mention “Seal of … from Camilla or Mike”, it says “Seal of … from the Dice Tower”. Just my thoughts on this matter. This wider impact of the Seals might be a good subject for a wider discussion or a “Tom Thinks ….”.

  3. I don't recognize you without a hat. 😂

  4. A grocery store feels like a great theme!

    You could have all sorts of buyers, like in Consumption with different diets, maybe relating to what you value price or quality or a balance or something like that. It could also have Holidays expansions!

  5. Does anyone know , How do I get into these chats?

  6. I prefer seeing Tom in full 1080p glory.

  7. Mobile watching is a modern thing. More people with phones around the world than TVs. Reason many gatcha games are made every day designed for phones too

  8. I occasionally use Dave's Insanity Sauce alone. A tiny drop is enough. I only eat it just for heat, not flavor and I have to really be in the mood for it. In general I'm a flavor over heat guy :). My wife doesn't like hot sauce at all, so if I eat it I eat it alone.

  9. I also enjoy going to the grocery store. I go up and down every aisle even when on the hunt for 1 item. Drives my wife wacky.

  10. is that Tom flexing at 54:27 ???

    flashing that question accidentally/on purpose was hilarious. 🤣 good stuff

  11. I despise going to the grocery store, but I hate shopping in general. That phone flip made me laugh.

  12. Wow, I remember Holly eating game pieces on video back in the day. Congratulations to starting college!

  13. I do like your shirt Tom and I don't always!

  14. I am 50/50 on showing who is in the review. I get that many people probably say "I only want to watch reviews Tom is in" or whatever, and I think that stinks. The DT crew are a competent crew and I trust any of them to give a reasonable critique and rating.

    However, I don't watch every review, even before this change. There have been several times where I would've scrolled past a game if anyone but Zee was reviewing it. Not because I value his opinion more, but he has sort of a "thing" with weird niche foreign games.

    If a game is called "<Insert European City>" and Tom is reviewing it, I assume it's a mid weight Euro but could be anything. If it's a boring title like that or if it's a mechanic like deck building and Zee is reviewing it, then I know there must be something weird about it and I might be compelled to click.

    I don't know, I'm of two minds about it. I'll keep checking them out anyway, but it is a conundrum!

  15. Yep I watch every video on mobile and have for 5 years now

  16. Since Gamenerdz doesn't ship outside of the US, the contests are specifically to US only? Or does Gamenerdz have partners outside of the US?

  17. Regarding the quastion at 10:55

    While more voices is inherently better, personally I prefer to choose what voices those are. Therefore, there are many videos I will simply not watch once I see who is in them. While the change to group approach has received overwhelmingly positive reactions, there are also others just like me. This doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. You do what you wanna do and I do what I wanna do. Only thing you really need to consider is how this viewer behavior affects the Youtube algorithm. Is it less damaging to have people skip videos or to turn them off after intro when they see the hosts. That is, if you care about the business side of it.

  18. People complaining about not knowing beforehand who is doing the review… cmon! click the video, 2 seconds in you can see who is doing the review and if you don't care then don't watch… I can't understand how is that a problem…
    I love the new review style. I like everyone at Dice Tower, and even if I don't align with someone's tastes, that can still help me to decide if a game is for me or not. And I enjoy listening to you all talk 🙂
    Keep up the great work!

  19. I like Tom's shirt. It has an 80s/90s vibe, and as a Gen-Xer, that makes me happy.

  20. I think that having reviews with the core DT people (Tom, Zee, Mike, Roy, Camilla, & the Yis) not listed is good. I would not like it if reviews from remote contributors (Makak, Ella, etc) or previews from Mark were not identified, I would not be okay with that. The great thing about DT is volume. I can learn as much from reviewers I don't match up with taste wise as ones I do

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