MetroCubeVania Walkthrough all medals cool math games -

MetroCubeVania Walkthrough all medals cool math games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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It is a small metroedvania with a litlle square hero. The game has several improvements, standard for all metroidvaniad, for example double jump, block removal and jump on blocks with arrows. It is possible to collect 5 medals, which is quite difficult to do. At the end of the game we are waiting for the square monster boss.


  1. Me and my friend in 3rd grade would always challenge eachother to be the fastest to complete the whole game and we would always get stuck on the snowy part

  2. I Liked Subscribed And Turned On Notifications

  3. This game is way too difficult even for beginners. One that, would've been helpful, is if the main character didn't automatically die whenever it would be hit.

  4. I did it on hard difficulty, got all medals but took a lot on finding the last one, I checked every open zone for possible places except the snow one.

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