Mewtwo VSTAR & Gardevoir Are An AWESOME Combo! Draw Power + KOs! PTCGO -

Mewtwo VSTAR & Gardevoir Are An AWESOME Combo! Draw Power + KOs! PTCGO

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In today’s Pokemon TCG Online video i play my Mewtwo VSTAR/Gardevoir deck! This deck is like the Gardevoir deck but it’s got the addition of Mewtwo VSTAR for back up & to help with the decks awkward damage!

Music Used in videos now credit goes to: GlitchxCity:

****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon – 18

* 1 Radiant Hawlucha ASR 81
* 1 Gallade CRE 81
* 2 Mewtwo V PGO 72
* 4 Ralts ASR 60
* 4 Kirlia CRE 60
* 4 Gardevoir ASR 221
* 2 Mewtwo VSTAR PGO 86

##Trainer Cards – 30

* 4 Marnie PR-SW 121
* 2 Ultra Ball PLF 122
* 4 Fog Crystal CRE 227
* 2 Bruno BST 158
* 2 Boss’s Orders RCL 189
* 2 Choice Belt ASR 211
* 2 Rare Candy PLB 105
* 1 Energy Recycler FLI 143
* 2 Professor’s Research PR-SW 152
* 4 Evolution Incense SSH 163
* 2 Air Balloon SSH 213
* 2 Ordinary Rod SSH 215
* 1 Training Court FST 282

##Energy – 12

* 12 Psychic Energy SUM 162

Total Cards – 60

****** Deck List Generated by the Pokémon TCG Online ******


  1. I built this deck last night and I’m having a blast with it, really fun deck to play and you hit those crazy numbers

  2. Really enjoyed it but can't seem to get the speed with the energy unlike the rocks or shadow rider 🤔

  3. Finally a gardevoir deck that doesn't Mulligan infinite times

  4. Mewtwo Vstar has cool combos. My favorite one is Shadow Rider.

  5. It seems pretty good but getting lots of stage 2s is kinda hard

  6. I wanna play with Mewtwo irl but I cant afford him 😭😭😭😭

  7. Fury you little freak go sometimes outside on fresh air !!! You freak !!! 😳😵‍💫😬 THIS DRCK IS TRASH STOP PLAY PTCG !!!!

  8. Lock Fury in a lab 🧪🌡tie him up and give him an injection💉 and find out why he's such a freak🔬 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣this is only resolution find why !

  9. 0:40 should play Oranguru or whatever it is to guarantee the energy with it's ability to swap an energy from your hand on top of your deck.

  10. Fury, do you think this is the real Samuel Simka or a fraud ???? I like the color purple Fury , is very nice color 🤭🏸🥸

  11. omg bro a mewtwo combo with gardi!! I love it mewtwo is like a more expensive ice rider ya know. but with no melony and water bucket

  12. This my main deck wit celebrations zacian v Nd shadow Ryder

  13. You’re my favorite YouTuber showed me the world of cool deck building. Found my love for ptcg again ty!

  14. Would rotom phone be worth incorporating into the deck? Helps a lot with specific card search on top of the ability to ramp energy more consistently?

  15. That’s funny cause this is near 1;1 with my underdog deck I’ve made 😂 mines just a bit different tho, it placed 2nd at my local (my variant)

  16. i underestimated gardevoir, it looks lot more consistent than i thought it would be

  17. Mewtwo and Gardevoir have great synergy together. Wish Mewtwo did better at worlds tho.

  18. LDF : We don't use Trainer Gallery cards

    Also LDF: oh look Gardevoir looks cool here

  19. Just realized that mewtwo vstar is a stage 1 combination of ultra necrozma gx (main attack) and necrozma gx (gx attack)

  20. Now this deck wanted to make. Thanks am trying to make good water deck

  21. Awesome that you always bring back the gardevoir decks! Quick one, what do you think to be the most powerful/consistent mewtwo variation?

  22. I’ve been wanting to play Gardevoir ever since this version of her released! I also had my eye on Mewtwo V-Star, so seeing this build seems really fun! Looks like this is quite consistent as well and can maybe do well in the meta, so I look forward to trying this out!

  23. Make a Radiant zard, PoGo zard and PoGo moltres deck

  24. I have been playing Gardevoir with 1x Oranguru to help out the consistency with getting a Psychic on the top deck for Shining Arcana when you have the open bench slot for it.

  25. I just started deck building and your content really helps me out. You help me understand abilities and purposes of cards I would probably not use correctly. Great job!

  26. Wassup LDF! Another "king of decks" production. Awesome!

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