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Misspelled Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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In Misspelled, the magician can place a text field anywhere on the playing field in which he can type a word from the set from the keyboard (stones, stone, cloud, clouds, jump and jumps). Each word after pressing enter turns into a block and whether there are blocks on which we can walk or jump. The clouds will disappear after we walk through them, and you can jump on the letters of the jump. You have only a few attempts to enter a word for each of the levels. The game is very funny, but short. The game is taken from the site Cool Math Games.


  1. 7:29 Instead of ROCK and JUMP, you can use 2x CLOUD to pass the level.

  2. On level 15 you can use JUMP CLOUD JUMP to reach the top of the level and skip the spikes.

  3. I remember thinking the protagonist of this game was a young lady, but it’s actually an old man.

  4. in level 11 you can use cloud instead of rock

  5. if you do jumps then you can jump on each individual letter, but if you do jump then you can jump on the whole word. if you do clouds then each letter will disappear, but if you do cloud the hole word will disappear.

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