My Top 5 Best Cool Math Games! -

My Top 5 Best Cool Math Games!

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Today we look at the cream of the crop when it comes to cool math games. Stick to the end to see my number one! Also this video took a lot of time to produce so it would really help if you could like and subscribe. Have a good one.


  1. I really like these, top is best
    Abandoned 2
    Apple worm (Snakebird)
    Worlds hardest game
    Light and Dark light ( I forgot the exact name )
    Duck life 1 and 4
    Burrito Bison
    I really don't play any others.

  2. Where three goblets that hit different in school

  3. Man if you included OvO I would have LOVED this video

  4. My teacher:fine a math game WHITH MATH
    me:cool math games?
    Teacher:yes! Class go on
    Class:~oh wow so much math 😉

  5. My top 3:

    3: fireboy and watergirl: the ice temple
    2: papa’s hot doggeria
    1: papa’s pizzeria

  6. Does anyone know that one cool math game where these basically stick figures try to escape prison with puzzles throughout it and one of the games was at school?

  7. Idk why but I prefer billiards over 8 ball pool (same type of game btw)

  8. Bro awesome tanks we fun I'm in 9th grade my guy born Mar 2nd 2008 I'm 14 and I played cool math since 3rd grade
    I played all the run games awesome tanks 8 ball all papas games and much more childhood classics

  9. I think the best is big flappy tower tiny squar

  10. cool math games is blocked due to GO GUARDIAN

  11. The sad part is that run 2 is usually the most forgotten run game

  12. I will Atmet that the run gamesdid make me rage a lot and I got so mad some times I almost got caught playing theam in class but they were really fun

  13. Wow this was one of my favorite videos and I completely agree

  14. Moto x3m is one of my favorites and tank trouble wasn’t mentioned but is a classic

  15. My list
    1:for the king

    2:slimey jump
    4:duck life
    5:there is no game

  16. Meeblings
    Super Santa Kicker
    The Papa's Series
    IQ Ball

    -4th Grade me after finishing my SOLs in the Computer Lab

  17. no onrable mention for fireboy and water girl???

  18. I play cool math games in school because I’m in the back 👍🏼

  19. Awesome tanks 1/2
    Get 10
    Some game that was top down like minecraft never remembered the name of it
    Mainland wars
    Table tanks

    Edit: Forgot about tradecraft, fucking love that game
    EDIT 2: THE GAME WAS STRANDED AISLE, amazing game!

  20. The first thing that comes to mind whenever I hear Cool Math Games is Jelly Escape

  21. yea but my school figured out that there are just games…

  22. My top 10:
    10: Bloxorz
    9: Tradecraft
    8: Stranded Isle
    7: Slimey Jump
    6: CircloO
    5: Cognite
    4: Johnny Upgrade
    3: Poptropica
    2: Duck Life
    1: Moto X3M

  23. there is denying that #1 is Run 2 because it uses Flash

  24. what is that one game were you had different eras and you would fight with people or a bot?

  25. Honorable mention: tauriel teaches typing literally undertale

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