NEW CONTENT for Security Booth (Director's Cut ALL ENDINGS) -

NEW CONTENT for Security Booth (Director’s Cut ALL ENDINGS)

Gab Smolders
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  1. Job simulators for people who don't have real jobs so they can feel the pain regular wage slaves suffer through everyday!😆

  2. A lot of these retro style games make me think a lot of millennials' purgatory looks like living inside a PS1. "I'm kind of cozy, but things still feel… off." And I love this trend. This is using nostalgia to reinforce atmosphere.

  3. I feel like Gab should replay The Silent House! Its a lot like this game and I’d love to see a new playthrough of that game!

  4. I worked as a security guard for a housing development and had to do exactly this. It was such an unnecessary job for mostly snobby rich people and I hated it. I got spooked by the dark all the time too. Watching YouTube videos and Twitch streams helped me survive those long, boring nights.

  5. Patrol the grounds. Phone usage is allowed as long as no one needs you. Books are read. DO NOT FALL ASLEEP!!!

  6. The ambiance and gab’s voice <3 it’s always such a comfy experience! I would love to see a revisiting of Cry of Fear from years ago, that’d be amazing for Halloween!!

  7. I think the quarentine hatch in the museum is a reference to the TV show lost

  8. always excited to see more horror from you! i know a while back you mentioned maybe replaying kuon. i think that would be so cool! ive been rewatching your old playthrough :>

  9. So, I have never worked as private security, but I spent a few years in the Army, many, many guard shifts… and well… there is something that movies and tv just don't understand about security.
    If you have the responsibility to guard something, then you must also have the same clearance as is required to view the stuff you are guarding. You can't have guards that are not able to actually be around the stuff they are guarding, or just don't know about it, that leads to problems. The guards must have the same clearance that everyone else is required to have.
    As far as the long, lonely nights… well… people find lots of ways to fill the time, books, crosswords, adult activities involving their fellow guards… lots of ways.

  10. Hey gab! I'd recommend playing coffee talk, it's a really relaxing game with multiple endings you can play through!

  11. My brother works that shift. It depended on whether or not there was a camera on him. The management didn't care, but the higher ups did. So if there was no camera, he would play on his switch. Camera present, play on phone, read.

    Now he's a supervisor though, so he just keeps one earbud in playing music and has to pay more attention.

    Oh yeah, he works at a processing plant for corn starch (and dog food iirc).

  12. There was a security booth 3rd shifter and I asked her and she said she was in school and she just did her school work. Which I thought was sooo cool. Being in college I’d love that job, unfortunately where I live it’s all bots now. Dang it.

  13. My name is on the employee register! Stephen Cox – CX0 38K

  14. I used to work security for a chem company and basically, we would stay on the computer, do our patrols & do other shift duties. There would sometimes be vehicle searches or extra lookouts if stuff happened but there was A LOT of downtime. In the downtime we could play music, go on the internet and chat if we had a partner, Some of us did schoolwork or watched movies. Not going to lie I have always thought up a horror game with security offices would be fun to make and play especially with the layouts of some of the areas we patrolled. Now I dispatch for security at night and sometimes my mind will still imagine horror scenarios that would be interesting to play in this setting.

  15. Aw, you missed reading about the people’s D&D characters in the board room where they were on a quest 😝

  16. To answer your security questions, what are you are allowed to do to pass time on post and or have depends on two things. Whoever the employer/entity is that is hiring you and the other being how sensitive whatever it is you are guarding. If you are security at an apartment complex most will allow cell phones, a radio, a small tv etc. If it's something highly sensitive, more times than not you have to get comfortable with staring at a monitor, walking a perimeter, and having nothing to do other than that but read the manual for your post.

  17. My husband used to be a night time security guard on a building site, he would watch a load of shows and use the opportunity of amazing acoustics and total silence to record a podcast!

  18. I LOVED this game! Amazing in so many ways. I would love a tv series based on it. Reminded me of the Chernobyl incident and Beyond: Two Souls. The whole lab/science gone wrong, radioactivity, study of the supernatural, dangerous science. So cool!

  19. Hey, isn't the bent bunker hatch with QUARANTINE written on it a reference to Lost?

  20. wait but its so adorable that gab's license plate in the game reads "BB4 LYF"

  21. Not doing your job was literally the end of the world lol

  22. 1:09:48 For those curious (and those of us who don't have Windows) the Wingdings font says "SIREN"

  23. 1:05:05 has gotta be a reference to the TV show LOST, right? I swear that's how the Hatch looked after they blew it open…

  24. I don’t know if you saw Gabs but the plate next to your name says BB4 LYF 🥰 I’m only 7 minutes into the video so sorry if you notice in the video 😂

  25. I worked at a gate at a factory. I wasn't allowed to bring a laptop to work and game all night but no one was there to stop me. First time I played FNAF was in a security guard shack. It was wild having to watch live security feed while watching the cameras on that game.

  26. My friend worked at a Turkey Factory called Jennie-O and they literally couldn’t do anything. No phone, books, nothing. It was 11pm til 6am 5days a week. The only job they had was checking trucks in and out which was only a couple each night. Idiotic they couldn’t even be on their phones considering how deathly boring that would be to do nothing all night.

  27. As a security guard who works the night shift, lots of YouTube. It's mostly just that. Longform videos like yours are a godsend.

  28. My boyfriend currently works nights at a factory as a security guard and he says that it is incredibly boring lol he usually sits and watches videos on his phone or plays his Switch since it is usually pretty chill and quiet. He also usually calls several times during his shift just to ask what I'm doing cuz he is so unbelievably bored lol
    It's not a bad job though, he says. Said the worst thing about it is the fact that he had to change his phone plan to get more data HAHA

  29. Dunno if I missed Gab talking about it but her license plate in the game saying "BB4 LYF" is the cutest thing 🥺💕

  30. Your license plate, listed in the employee register, says "BB4 LYF" 🙂 <3

  31. Maybe I'm looking too much into things but… was the door with the word "Quarantine" on it a reference to Lost?

  32. I didn't work in a security booth but I did work in hotel management in a small town. If third shift called in it was either 2nd shift or management that had to cover lets just say pulling a double 2nd and night caused alot of tears. I passed the time through writing, reading, and cleaning not alot of stuff happened so you have to stay busy or you'll fall asleep. I hadn't discovered knitting yet so I didn't have that but boy night shift sucks never again.

  33. I love the "please keep your brain inside at all times." LOL! This was really fun to watch, thanks for playing this!

  34. Thank you Gabs for streaming I love to see more in 2022 I love to see some Hello Neighbour 2 maybe and maybe some Untitled goose game with Meghan Yeah at Xmas time love your channel too Hope you can come to Supernova Brisbane 2023 Australia maybe Love your work too

  35. I could never be a security guard. Watched too many scary let’s plays, movies, and videos that my overactive imagination would get the better of me. I can’t even play scary games which is why I got amazing gamers such as yourself to do it for me.

  36. Overnight security is one of those either absolutely nothing is happening or everything pops off. It can vary depending on what kind of post or detail you're working. Like overnight construction site or private business/ office security is usually very quiet but security in hospitals, hotels, motels, shopping centers or apartments can see random spikes in activity and incidents. It's doing rounds/patrols with a whole lot of nothing happening, doing what you can to not fall asleep and then occasionally something happens. Sometimes it's incident after incident. You never really know what to expect.

    For myself, I'll read if the post allows it or listen to pod casts or music. If it's a big property, I'll walk extra circles. I'm a patrol, so we drive around a lot but can get assigned to other details that have me sitting still for a long time. Some of those we can even watch videos or shows on our phones as long as we keep up with reports and set stuff down to pay attention when certain things happen, like some one entering a room etc.

  37. Gab's car registration is BB4 LYF 😆😆 so cute!

  38. The Kraken facility & the artifacts there remind me of a certain part of Control that Gab played that included an Alan Wake easter egg.

  39. Oho love these type of games. Gab just hunting for the truth regardless of the ghostly horrors

  40. I stumbled on your channel today and just happily watched over an hour of content. Subscribed!

  41. I was so excited to see you play this!!! I remembered the original version was so fun.

    So much cool lore in all the different endings and tapes! I really loved the “Amnesia” kind of section wandering through the dark hallways. 👀

    Thanks for the video!! ✨

  42. this is SO cool! I love that the tapes and the lore is real, and not like 'it was a dream!!' at the end. I think it's so creative and neat!

    PS: does anyone else think that hatch was a Lost reference?

  43. The kraken tape with all the different objects in their containment rooms reminded a lot of the Panopticon in Control!

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