*NEW* Tiny Fishing World Record *1216 Fish* 🔥 - zepplay.com

*NEW* Tiny Fishing World Record *1216 Fish* 🔥

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The true World Record holder returns.


  1. I got to that seahorse and I thought there were more fish ahead xd

  2. all this time i’m going and going and it’s just sea horses at the end :/

  3. Yesterday I was new to the game and then I got 203.7k for grinding so much

  4. im at 14000000000.00.0 and i thought i was good but this is insane

  5. I got more than that money on my school iPad

  6. It must be really hard to collect that money 🥲🥲

  7. And I only have trillions… wow good job 👏

  8. git’s screen looks like he on a potato when he threw the hook

  9. Make more videos do you have a post for a year

  10. I Thought there were other fish than sea horse!

  11. Mark my words, I am coming for you, I've been grinding for several months and in just a couple more you'll see what a true TinyFishingPro can do.

  12. Bro I have been playing for months thinking there was Moby Dick at the end 💀

  13. ok cool but they gotta add something below the purple seahorse thing

  14. This video shows that there truly are no more fish after the seahorse

  15. Is the battle over? Are you still grinding for tiny fishing?

  16. im close to you im play the game in the school

  17. respect to this YouTuber for doing this for subs and showing his amazing fans this video (I subbed)

  18. I thought "I can get more money than that". Then I saw it was millions not thousands

  19. since its been 2 years, have you found anything past the seahorses yet.

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