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Opposite Day Speedrun 37.32 (Former WR)

Views: 6736
Like: 87
beats my previous time (37.87) which was the best recorded run
also beats the best claimed run by PicklesTheGoose of 37.71
run starts at 0:45
clean ace.

if you like games like this, play momentum master on newgrounds and try to beat my scores. i’ll tell you everything i know if you’re interested.
if you want a different challenge, try to beat me at Flick Club


  1. Hey guys, idk why this vid is blowing up so much but it’s really not good lol.The top runners are now consistently getting sub 36 times. Check out the speedrun .com leaderboard to see actual good scores. They deserve the views so go give them. Play the game on John Butler’s website if you want to try it out yourself

  2. How much time have you spent to do this?

  3. Oh yeah, I played this on coolmathgames. It's a pretty neat game.

  4. it should've said "my time" instead of "not your time", looks like a missed opportunity to me 🗿

  5. wait he said congratulations but it’s Opposite Day so…

  6. I saw this on coolmathgames and there are bonus levels just so yk

  7. bro why is this a speedrun with so many views

  8. Wouldn’t an Opposite Day speedrun be a slowrun?

  9. Had WR for about 7 minutes congrats. Will be going for lower though. I wonder if sub 37 is possible

  10. I got 37.28 🙏 sub 37 def not possible

  11. Sub 37 is basically perfect movements. I think it can be possible

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