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OvO Coolmathgames 1.4.4 Any% WR

John Doe
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This is a run of the game using glitches. If you are looking for a walkthrough, you can find it here:

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  1. dude thats crazy. my best was 14mins 17sec 84mill. your is like half my score thats CRAZY UR INSAINE

  2. How do you do the roof clip? I can’t get it consistently

  3. this game makes me have lots of energy irl idk why

  4. how to do you go so fast after slamming? I'm trying to do a speedrun

  5. I’m predicting this vid is gonna blow up from all the people on coolmath coming to YouTube looking for 1.4.4 tutorials

  6. Notice: This is not a walkthrough, but rather a glitched any% speedrun. The walkthrough link is in the description.

  7. dang I can't even pass level 42 and you're here acing this

  8. How do u glitch thru the walls going upwards is it possible
    on mobile

  9. I literally beat level 40 and couldn’t beat 41.

  10. How did u get those affects around ur screen

  11. Hey on level 35 if you jump as soon as you hit the red thing then you glitch through it but you probably know that

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