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Ovo Walkthrough 1 – 10 Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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Ovo is a platformer in the style of minimalism. The main character travels the world consisting of lines. The main character can jump, cling to walls, slide on the surface and make some other movements. The game is nice and pretty funny, but I really didn’t like the inevitability of controls. There are only 10 first levels in this video. Game played on Cool Math Games.


  1. why is level 8 level 9 and level 9 level 8?

  2. Um…. for level 8 you could’ve walked backward is to the flag and then boom your at level nine…

  3. this is annoyiing i tied level 5 and it doesnt work how the hell am i suppose to do this

  4. Booooooo you do not what to do you do not

  5. Booooo
    I do not know how to play that game I’m better than you

  6. You could have slid at the start then jumped on the weak booster.

  7. How do we do a rejump? Thats the hard part

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